Migidoll Cynical Ryu

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Migidoll Cynical Ryu

Cynical Ryu is the half-closed-eyed version of the Ryu sculpt and was released on June 2009 along with Cynical Yujin. [1]

Cynical Ryu is a 1/3 (similar to Volks SD) sized head sculpted by Migidoll and can be bought as either a full doll (with a male body) or a head. He belongs to the M style line and is available in Normal skin and White skin (available in Lati matching Type A and Volks Matching Type B for both skintones).

Eye and wig size

  • Eye Size: 14-16mm
  • Wig Size: 8-9inch

Other information

For newer Migidolls, they come with guarantee cards as well as a identifying number (or serial number). This number is written on the guarantee card, as well as on a long thin strip of sticker pasted inside the head. All Cynical Ryus have "MD C Ryu" carved on the inside of their headcap.


Cynical Ryu (full doll) on Migidoll website
Cynical Ryu (head) on Migidoll website