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M-Cute is Migidoll's line of dolls equivalent to the 1/4 MSD scale. Migidoll officially launched the M-Cute line for the second anniversary of the new website on June 2013 [1].

Head Sculpts

  • Mir - released June 2013
  • Sun - released June 2014
  • Hiro - released September 2015

Pre M-Cute Sculpts

Migidoll made 2 heads in 1/4 scale with Volks MSD bodies recommended as a good fit. Both sculpts have been discontinued years before the new website launch.

Guy Body (M-Cute Type)

  • Height: 43cm (with the head)
  • Shoulder length: 6.4cm
  • Bust girth: 17.4cm
  • Waist girth: 24.5cm
  • Hips girth: 18cm
  • Torso length: 13cm
  • Leg lenth 23cm
  • Thigh girth: 10.8cm
  • Arm length: 13.3cm
  • Wrist girth: 6.3cm
  • Foot length: 5.4cm


Migidoll Official website