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Mini Super Dollfie (MSD) are the second range of dolls that Volks released. They are roughly 42-43cm (17inches) tall and have approximately a 19.5cm (7.7inches) sized head and generally weigh about 2.5 lbs. MSDs are available as standard models, FCS, and Limiteds. Sometimes they are also offered as one-offs at Dolpa events. Some of the Sato limited heads and newer released MSD have slightly smaller heads, allowing them to wear SDC or Yo-SD wigs, while older MSD heads are usually larger and use 7-8 or MSD wigs. Head size varies between models, so when ordering from the FCS, it may help to ask to try on a wig on the model to check how it fits.

MSD are the same size as the Tenshi type KoTenshi. However the KoTenshi bodies are made to be genderless. Their body is most similar to the boy body.

Volks had released a Limited edition precursor to MSD named Ian in December 2000. She is shorter than the standard MSD and was available both as full completed doll (release of 100) and kit version (release of 200).

Volks MSD standards were originally only available as a kit. Kit dolls are normal skin, unassembled, and blank but come with elastic plus hooks to string them together. Volks later added assembled standard with faceups, however they are all discontinued. Other than a couple early releases, all MSD limited edition dolls are assembled and come with a faceup.

MSD as a type has largely been replaced by Super Dollfie Midi.



All MSD standard dolls are currently discontinued.












Discontinued Standard

These models have been discontinued as standard models, but some are still available through FCS.

  • Mire available 9/18/10 - 12/31/13
  • Yuuto available 9/18/10 - 12/31/13
  • Hisui available 10/23/04 - Sep 2010
  • Kohaku available 10/23/04 - Sep 2010
  • Mika available 5/2/04 - 12/31/13
  • Marie available 10/19/03 - Sep 2010
  • Mario available 10/19/03 - ??
  • Ken available 12/15/02 - 12/31/13
  • Nasha available 12/9/01 - Sep 2010
  • Miisha available 12/9/01 - ??
  • Shinshiya available 12/9/01 - ??
  • Maggie available 9/30/01 - Sep 2010
  • Myu available 9/30/01 - 12/31/13
  • Sakura available 9/30/01 - 12/31/13

Body Types

Generally, there are two MSD types: girl and boy. However, there have been several modifications as time has gone on, and there are also some different choices within these types.

There were several changes made during the switch from oldskin to pureskin. Pureskin dolls are newer and so have the newer body types, with modifications such as locking knees to help with standing, and tabs to help with sitting. There is also a type of girl body which is only available in pureskin: the suwarriko body, which is modified to be able to sit prettily with the legs sprawled. There are slight sculpt differences between pureskin and oldskin as well, such as the knees (pureskin has more detailed knees). Pureskin dolls also have the easy-change hand/foot system, where an S-hook is added between the hand/foot and elastic, allowing the owner to change the hands/feet more easily.

Standard dolls are singled jointed and only come with regular legs for the boys and girls, while the FCS has options for a long leg for the boys and also the suwarriko leg for the girls, which allows the doll to sit in the "cute sit" position. There is also a small and medium bust option for the girls.

There are both normal and tabi feet available. These feet will both fit shoes labeled for MSD and are roughly the same size.


MSD Girl

  • Height: 42cm
  • Head: 19.5cm (7–8" wig)
  • Neck: 8.5cm
  • Chest: 18.5cm
  • Shoulder width: 8.5cm
  • Waist: 15.3cm
  • Hips: 19cm
  • Arm Length: 12.5cm (shoulder to wrist)
  • Leg Length: 17cm (inseam)
  • Foot Length: 5.5cm
  • Foot Width: 2.5cm


  • Height: 43cm (Normal Legs)
  • Head: 19.5cm (7–8" wig)
  • Neck: 8.5cm
  • Shoulder width: 8.5cm
  • Chest: 18cm
  • Waist: 15.5cm
  • Hips: 18.5cm
  • Arm Length: 17cm (shoulder to end of fingers)
  • Leg Length: 19cm (crotch to top of foot)
  • Foot Length: 5.5cm
  • Foot Width: 2.5cm

Sizing Compatibility

Within Volks

MSD heads will fit on SDC bodies. Pieces (i.e. torsos) may be swappable as well.
MSDs can share hands with SDCs, although it is not a perfect fit. SDC boy hands are slightly bigger, while SDC girl hands are slightly smaller. The wrist balls are also not the same size.


MSD heads will fit on Fairyland MiniFee, Aria Doll tiny, and Aquarius Doll 43 bodies.

The Peadpod Doll ballet feet do not fit with the MSD ankle joints.


Dollheart MSD shoes will fit.
Luts Kid Delf shoes and clothes will fit, but wigs will not.
Leekeworld M (7-8") wigs will fit.
DoC clothing may fit, but will probably not close around the torso.
Ellowynn Wilde clothing will not fit in most cases.
Unoa shoes will not fit.