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The Full Choice System from Volks is an opportunity to create a custom doll from a wide range of options. Some options are available only at certain locations, such as Tenshi-no-Sato or the LA Tenshi-no-Sumika.

Sizes and body types

    • B-01 MSD girl, S bust, jointed
    • B-02: MSD girl, M bust, jointed
    • B-03: MSD boy, jointed
    • B-04: MSD girl, S bust, jointed, suwarikko
  • SD FCS
    • B-01: SD girl, S bust, non-jointed
    • B-02: SD girl, S bust, jointed
    • B-03: SD girl, M bust, non-jointed
    • B-04: SD boy, non-jointed
    • B-05: SD boy, jointed
    • B-09: SD girl, S bust, jointed, suwarikko
  • SD13 FCS
    • B-01: SD13 boy body
    • B-02: SeiRei boy based body Sato only
    • B-06: SD13 girl, S bust, jointed
    • B-07: SD13 girl, M bust, jointed
    • B-08: SD13 girl, L bust, jointed
    • B-09: SeiRei girl based body, no bust, jointed Sato only
  • SDGr FCS
    • SDGr boy body Sato only

Optional parts

  • up to 2 pairs of extra hands
    • MSD H-01 (also available as standard), H-02, H-03 (loose fist), H-04 (also available as standard), H-05 (also available as standard), H-06, H-07 (fist)
    • SD boy/girl and SD13 girl H-01, H-02 (also available as standard), H-03 (fist, also available as standard), H-04, H-05 (also available as standard), H-06, H-07 (pointy index finger), H-08 (joined hands), H-09, H-10 (straight fingers), H-11 (pointy index finger), H-12 Sato only
    • SD13 boy: H-01 (also available as standard), H-02 (also available as standard), H-03 (also available as standard), H-04, H-05, H-06 Sato only
  • leg parts
    • you can choose from the standard, long leg (1cm longer than standard) and suwaricco
  • ears (for fairy type heads only)
    • MSD
      • E-01, fairy wing ears
      • E-02, cat ears
      • E-03, elf ears
      • E-04, monkey ears
      • E-05, long elf ears
      • E-06, dolphin fin ears
      • E-07, robot wing ears
      • E-08, robot ears
    • SD / SD13
      • E-01, long elf ears
      • E-02, short elf ears
      • E-03, dolphin fin ears
      • E-04, medium elf ears
      • E-05, long elf ears 2
      • E-06, wing ears Sato only
      • E-07, wing ears 2 Sato only
      • E-08, human ears Sato only


  • SC-01 normal
  • SC-02 white
  • SC-03 Sunlight Sato/LA only



Sculpt Showroom Available Other Sculpt Names Other Notes
F-01 Sumika/Mado/Sato Sakura/Maggie/Myu
F-02 Sumika/Mado/Sato Ken/Mika
F-03 Discontinued Marie/Mario
F-04 Sumika/Mado/Sato Mire
F-05 Mado/Sato
F-06 Mado/Sato Lilith/Phyllis/Noel *Discontinuation on Jan. 31, 2017
F-07 Discontinued
F-08 Discontinued
F-09 Sumika/Mado/Sato
F-10 Discontinued
F-11 Discontinued Nasia Fairy
F-12 Discontinued Sinsiya/Misiya Fairy
F-13 Sumika/Mado/Sato Fairy
F-14 Discontinued Hisui/Kohaku
F-15 Discontinued
F-16 Discontinued
F-17 Discontinued
F-18 Sumika/Mado/Sato
F-19 Sumika/Mado/Sato Yuuto
F-20 Sumika/Mado/Sato Has teeth
F-21 Sato Fairy
F-22 Sumika/Mado/Sato Fairy
F-23 Sato
F-24 Mado/Sato
F-25 Discontinued Miyu Sweet Dream
F-26 Discontinued
F-27 Discontinued
F-28 Sumika/Mado/Sato F-04/Mire Sweet Dream
F-29 Sumika/Mado/Sato Fairy
F-30 Sumika/Mado/Sato
F-31 Sumika/Mado/Sato
F-32 Sumika/Mado/Sato
F-33 Sato Has teeth
F-34 Sumika/Mado/Sato
F-35 Sato
F-36 Sato
F-37 Sato
F-38 Sato Has teeth
F-39 Sumika/Mado/Sato
F-40 Sato Has teeth
F-41 Sato
F-42 Sumika/Mado/Sato F-20 Sweet Dream Has teeth
F-43 Sumika/Mado/Sato Mako/Dai Has teeth
F-44 Sato Has teeth
F-45 Sato
F-46 Sato
F-47 Sato
F-48 Sato
F-29 Sato Fairy

Please note VolksUSA Online FCS may vary between ordering periods and have not been added to the 'Showroom Available' list'

SD / SD13 / SD Graffiti

Sculpt Showroom Available Other Sculpt Names Other Notes
F-01 Sumika/Mado/Sato Four Sisters: Nana, Sara, Kira, Megu Has teeth
F-02 Discontinued Old F-04
F-03 Discontinued Old F-05/Four Sisters Sweet Dream Has teeth
F-04 Discontinued Old F-06
F-05 Mado/Sato Old F-08 Has teeth
F-06 Discontinued Old F-09
F-07 Sumika/Mado/Sato SD10 Nono
F-08 Discontinued SD10 Rio
F-09 Sumika/Mado/Sato SD10 Mimi Has teeth
F-10 Discontinued SD13 Four Sisters
F-11 Discontinued SD13 Nono, SD10 Ryo
F-12 Mado/Sato SD13 Mimi Has teeth; Discontinuation on Jan. 31, 2017
F-13 Discontinued
F-14 Mado/Sato Has teeth
F-15 Sumika/Mado/Sato SD13 Syo Has teeth
F-16 Sumika/Mado/Sato Old F-28
F-17 Sumika/Mado/Sato Old F-29
F-18 Discontinued
F-19 Discontinued
F-20 Discontinued
F-21 Discontinued
F-22 Sumika/Mado/Sato SD10 Kun
F-23 Mado/Sato SD13 Yori Has teeth
F-24 Discontinued SD13 Link
F-25 Discontinued
F-26 Sumika/Mado/Sato
F-27 Mado/Sato Discontinuation on Jan 31, 2017
F-28 Discontinued
F-29 Sato Fairy
F-30 Sato Fairy
F-31 Sato Fairy
F-32 Discontinued
F-33 Sumika/Mado/Sato
F-34 Sumika/Mado/Sato
F-35 Sumika/Mado/Sato
F-36 Sumika/Mado/Sato
F-37 Sumika/Mado/Sato
F-38 Sumika/Mado/Sato
F-39 Discontinued
F-40 Sumika/Mado/Sato
F-41 Sumika/Mado/Sato SD10 Mark
F-42 Sumika/Mado/Sato SD13 Elena Has teeth
F-43 Sumika/Mado/Sato
F-44 Sato
F-45 Sato Has teeth
F-46 Sato
F-47 Sumika/Mado/Sato SD10 Kanata
F-48 Sumika/Mado/Sato SD10 Rinon Has teeth
F-49 Sumika/Mado/Sato
F-50 Sato
F-51 Sumika/Mado/Sato F-22/Kun Sweet Dream Has teeth
F-52 Sumika/Mado/Sato F-35 Sweet Dream
F-53 Sato
F-54 Sumika/Mado/Sato
F-55 Sato
F-56 Sato
F-57 Sato Has teeth
F-58 Sumika/Mado/Sato
F-59 Sumika/Mado/Sato Saki
F-60 Sumika/Mado/Sato Coco
F-61 Sumika/Mado/Sato Chiyo
F-62 Sato Has teeth
F-63 Sato
F-64 Sato
F-65 Sato
F-66 Sato F-42/Elena Sweet Dream Has teeth
F-67 Sato
F-68 Sato
F-69 Sato
F-70 Sato
F-71 Sato
F-72 Sato
F-73 Sato Has teeth

Please note VolksUSA Online FCS may vary between ordering periods and have not been added to the ‘Showroom Available’ list. Other sculpts are available for VolksUSA Online FCS that are not available for Full Choice Order in Volks Showrooms, such as Garnet and Pearl, in addition to Pureskin Ebony skintone and SD16 Girl body.