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Tenshi-no-Sato is the headquarters for Volks Super Dollfie. It has a shop, garden, cafe, gathering areas, museum and an SD doctor where owners can have their dolls repaired. It was opened to the public early 2004 in Kyoto, Japan. In order to preserve the grounds, Tenshi no Sato is only open on certain weekends and only by appointment and only to those who are SD owners/lovers. There is also a limited number of people allowed each day, so reserving a visit in advance is advisable.

In order to be able to reserve entrance to Tenshi No Sato, you must be a member of the Volks Fan Club. A Japanese address is required to be a member of the Volks Fan Club. Those living outside of Japan wishing to visit need to make a reservation through the Volks International Website ([1])

Tenshi No Sato typically opens at 11:00 am. However if there is a release of limited items for sale, the shop will open at 10:00am. If wishing to purchase an item during such a release it is advisable to arrive early to get a good spot in line.

Originally the location was owned and designed by a 19th cenutry Japanese artist Seiho Takeuchi. The location contains a 100 year old japanese tea-house considered a historical landmark complete with japanese garden and a modern museum and a beauty salon. You can tour the tea house and garden as well as find out more about Seiho Takeuchi.

Volks has built a four story building on the grounds that houses the Shop, Cafe and Lobby, Museum, Exhibition Floor, and Observation Hall.

Level B1

The Basement Level is where you will find Tenshi No Sato shop and where you can order an FCS doll. Tenshi No Sato has the most complete selection of options available for FCS. To order an FCS at Tenshi No Sato, you go to the FCS area and put your name on a list. While you wait you are free to explore the rest of Tenshi No Sato. When it is your turn, they will call your name over the loud speaker. If there is no line/wait for FCS that day, they will just go ahead and take your order. The FCS can only be picked up at Tenshi No Sato or shipped to a residence within Japan. However foreign customers can arrange to have a Japanese travel agency or shopping service receive the doll for you then forward it to your address.

Level 1F

The First floor is where the Cafe and Lobby can be found as well as the famous statue of Mother SD holding a Super Dollfie in her arms. There is a long table in the lobby where you can sit with your SD and meet other owners. On the huge table, you'll find little journals that contain entries and photos of peoples' dolls at Tenshi No Sato. (You can add your own entry, or read previous entries!) There are various sofas and chairs you can have your Super Dollfies sit in. In addition there are photo spaces set up where you can take photos of your dolls.

The lobby is also where the Omukae (welcoming ceremony) is held. Foreign visitors can also have an Omukae ceremony for dolls they have welcomed at Tenshi No Sato (purchased at the store) or already own. They just need to email Volks at [email protected] explaining their wish to do Omukae. Volks does employ an English translator so emails sent in English will be answered accordingly.

Also on the first floor is the Cafe, where cakes and pastries can be ordered as well as teas or coffees. The menu changes periodically. There are tables and chairs where you can enjoy your sweets while enjoying the gardens through the large glass window.

Levels 2F and 3F

On the second floor there is a huge display of all the SD type dolls that Volks has made, including many one-offs! On the top floor is a lobby for looking out on the scenery and also has a western style bathroom. In the modern museum, you'll find most of the Volks items.

Levels 4F

The fourth floor is where the Observation Deck can be found. It offers a view of the Tenshi No Sato gardens as well as Kyoto skyline. There are tables and chairs here.

Beauty Salon

If your SD needs some "touching up" (like restringing) you can take your doll to the "Beauty Salon". The Beauty Salon is not actually located in the main building, but in a separate building in the gardens. Visitors are to remove their footwear and are encouraged to use the slippers Volks provides when they enter. This building is also where some of the classes are taught such as face up application. Most services can be completed in a day whereas a few other services such as sato-gaeri (seam-line removal) can take more time to complete.

You can sit in a lovely lobby and relax with other SD owners.