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Custom House was established June 7, 2002. It began as a dealer for doll supplies. In November, CH began manufacturing its own wigs. In December, they began producing their own ball jointed dolls. In January 2003, they hosted the first Doll Contest. At the second Doll Contest in April 2003, the Ai were released. In its early years, Custom House was best-known for its 56-60cm Ai line of dolls, and especially for its themed Unique Ai and Limited Ai releases. Some of the Unique Custom House dolls included a group that represented the members of the K-pop band Nell, and a series of Merchen dolls based on fairy-tale characters. These early Unique and Limited dolls featured the work of costume and faceup artists Anu, Rolling Pumpkin, Uyuchagongbang, and HeavyBomb. By 2005, Custom House had expanded its doll line with the 30cm Petite Ai--the first childlike Tiny ABJDs on the market--and with the Mini-sized Little Junior and Junior. The Petite Ai have been popular with Japanese BJD collectors, and are often featured in such Japanese doll magazines as Dollybird and Dolly Dolly.

Changes in company personnel in July 2006 led to greater emphasis on the Petite Ai, discontinuation of most of the Basic Ai sculpts, and a redesign of both the Ai Boy and Ai Girl bodies. After a hiatus, Custom House reopened its website and during the next few years the company offered new doll sizes (Classic Ai, Vintage Ai, Ange Ai, Bisou Ai, Bebe Ai), a "club" system of purchasing, and a fully-customized doll option through which buyers could request discontinued heads. By 2008, Custom House began offering frequent sales and ordering events, and customers began experiencing long waiting times for order delivery. A rumor began that Custom House was now manufacturing its dolls in China, but this wasn't confirmed until 2010.

DollCatch, which opened an online shop in early 2009, was a sister company to Custom House. It merged with the company in 2010.

In December 2010, Custom House announced that it was changing its tradename to Aidolls in order to separate itself from the growing poor reputation associated with the old name. It launched new websites for each language, also adding one for Chinese customers. Since then, the English site for Aidolls has been removed, while the Chinese and Korean sites are still working, and carry the standard lines.

As of February 2016, Custom House, currently known as Aidolls, has been acquired by Luts. The Custom House sculpts are set to be released under the Luts doll lines.


  • Kana (KanaKana) - Moved to RosenLied Dolls
  • Hakkun
  • MinG
  • Rolling Pumpkin - Moved to RosenLied Dolls
  • Uyuchagongbang - Moved to RosenLied Dolls
  • Yang Mee-Hee

Doll lines

Discontinued/special doll lines

Types of releases

Basic Ai

These are made continuously without any restriction in quantity. Currently, Basic Ai only include the assembled doll and eyes. Makeup and wig are optional. In the past Basic Ai included the assembled basic doll, eyes, simple clothing without shoes, and basic makeup.

Limited Ai

These are the Ai dolls made for special occasion or events and only made in limited quantity, usually about 20 to 30 sets. They come with Artists exclusive makeup for particular limited doll, limited outfit, limited wig, shoes and accessories.

Unique Ai

These are one-of-a-kind dolls, born by going through separate customization of pre-existing dolls. Special makeup is created to fit the concept and not only Custom Houses own fashion designers but other guest designers create their own special unique outfits. Also specialized accessory designers share their special goods for these unique dolls too. These are the dolls which will never re-made.

Event Ai

Artist Limited dolls which are developed by makeup artists. It is a special line which makeup artists set everything from concept, makeup, and wig to eyes and they work on their dolls all by themselves. It is usually only made 10 sets world-wide. Artists signature and serial number can be found inside of the head. They even come with special packages. These are the doll lines filled with Custom House's passion.
Tricky Ai
Trick or Treat! Kindness is hidden behind the spooky faces. A story of rascals created by Artist Sarasoo. Tricky Ai is a new line introduced by Custom House that is very different from existing limited Ais. It is an exclusive artist line only made to 10 sets in world. Who will wake up these rascals sleeping in the wooden coffin? Amount of accessories, quality and the style are not comparable to existing Limited Ais. Artist’s own special style and the passion towards Custom House’s Ais are fully loaded in this new line. Custom House’s proud doll artist Sarasoo; Sarasoo’s exclusive special Tricky Ai’s will visit you with their own serial numbers.
Fairy Ai
Fairies from the mysterious legends, never remade before by anyone.. Legendary fairies are now brought back by Artist Kaiiyu. The Artist Exclusive Series # 2! Fairy Ai dolls are new added distinctive line of Custom House which is only released in 10 sets in world. Do you want to open to mysterious box to meet the fairies? Please do not leave the box open for too long as they might rise into moon light and disappear! With distinctive quality, style and amount of included items, this is a line loaded with Artist's special style, charm and the passion toward Custom House's Ai dolls. Fairy Ai dolls by our proud artist Kaiiyu of Custom House, will visit you with their own special serial numbers!

Special Ai

Ai lines developed with sponsors from variety of movie, TV series, or evens. Characters or images you could only find in the TV or movie theater are now in form of dolls. Double the fun!

Costume Play Ai

Dolls based on movie and manhwa characters similar to the Special Ai.

Merchen Ai

Dolls based on fairy tales.

Custom House Special Line

A service offered to anyone in North/ South America and Europe to create a unique doll. Customers could choose headsculpt, body, skin color, makeup style, makeup artist, any Enchanted Doll eyes, and basic outfit.

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