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Bisou Ai are a doll line created by Custom House. They are 19 cm tall and have a chubby style body. Suggested eye size is 10mm, suggested wig size is 4-5".


Special Editions


These are the measurements given by Custom House

Height - 19cm

Neck circumference - 5cm

Chest circumference - 9.4cm

Waist circumference - 9.3cm

Hip circumference - 10.8cm

Wrist circumference - 2.8cm

Right hand width - 1.7cm

Left hand width - 1.7cm

Ankle circumference - 3.6cm

Knee circumference - 4.2cm

Shoulder to wrist - 2.7cm

Elbow to wrist - 2.8cm

Naval to knee - 6cm

Knee to feet - 5.2cm

Shoulder width - 3.3cm

Shoulder width including arms - 5cm

Head size - 12cm

Feet size - 2.7cm

Eye size - 10mm fits

Information on Accessories

It can be difficult to find clothes, shoes and wigs that fit Bisou Ais well. Their less common size makes clothes and shoes less common as well.

Custom House/Aidolls does make clothes, wigs and shoes specifically for Bisou Ais, but it may be difficult to purchase from them in their current business model.
Ruby Red Galleria has a section of their website with clothes, wigs and shoes specifically for Bisou Ais.

Some clothes made specifically for other types of dolls may also be suitable for Bisou Ais (including non-BJD brands). Some pieces from different brands may or may not fit, depending on the styles and cuts of fabric.
American Girl (tiny dolls)
Blythe (tops may be slightly large, but bottoms may be too small)
Cheerydoll Yo size (may be too big)
Ginny (shoes may be too big)
Goodreau Snappy
h.Naoto Pullip
Kish Riley (but not shoes)
Lati Yellow dresses fit well (but may be shorter on Bisous) - Lati Yellow Special clothes fit well
Only Heart's Club
Pukifee (dresses can be used as shirts) Tiny Ann Estelle
Tiny Betsy McCall (but not shoes)

Some wigs may or may not be suitable for Bisou Ais, depending on the wig manufacturer and size.
Barbie Kish Riley (generally too small, but could be made to fit)
Lati Yellow wigs are too big.
Monique size 4-5" wigs fit.

Some shoes may be suitable for Bisou Ais.
Boneka size 030N
JuJu's Dolly Mall 28-29mm
Lati Yellow
Tulah #28

Some other accessories may be in scale with Bisou Ais.


Bisou Ais could be hybrid-ized with. Lati Yellow SPs. Size and proportions seem to fit well, although resin color may be different from doll to doll.

Notes: there are many, many molds from Custom House that were discontinued, or limiteds from a long time ago. Some information on them may be incomplete. Please feel free to add anything you know, especially about the old limiteds!