Dream of Idol

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Dream Of Idol is the 70cm doll line from the company Dream of Doll. The Idol line only had a male body option.

As with all of DOD's dolls, basic DOI sculpts are only offered their default (fair-skinned) resin color. Limited releases included elf versions and tan resin versions of existing sculpts. Kalix was a Limited release with white and grey resin options only. Some DOT were released as Limiteds on DOI bodies. Some basic DOIs had the option of being sent with DOT boy bodies.



Height; 70cm (28 inch)

Girth of Head ;22.5cm (about 9 inch)

Girth of Neck; 10.3cm (about 4.2 inch)

Girth of Chest : 27.5cm (about 11inch)

Width of Shoulder :15.5cm (about 6.2 inch)

Girth of Waist : 20.5cm (about8.2 inch)

The length from shoulder to wrist : 22.5cm (about 8.8 inch)

The length from neck point to waist (back length): 14cm (about 5.5 inch)

Girth of Hip : 27cm (about 10.8 inch)

The length from hip to knee : 21cm (about 8.4 inch)

The length from knee to ankle :20cm ( about 8 inch)

The length of foot : 8.2cm (about 3.4 inch)

Width of Foot  : 4cm (about2 inch)