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Dream of Doll "드림 오브 돌" (or DOD "디오디") was a company based in Seoul, South Korea.

The company launched it's original website in September 2003, and in March 2004 officially opened an overseas version.

They had a wide range of standard line sculpts, adding to them each year as well as releasing limited edition sculpts regularly.
Their basic resin colour from 2007 onwards was noted to be a bright "milkshake pink" and as such hard to find matches for potential hybridisation.

Several of their dolls had accompanying short stories or personae details - such as likes, dislikes, star signs or associated characters on their sculpt pages.

In December 2013, DOD unusually previewed two new sculpts - labelled "Ring" and "Sol". Sol was later released as Berry, in the Dream of Baby line.
Ring was never released, and there was no further mention of her - she appeared to be intended for the Dream of Child line, but in their later sculpting style.

Dream of Doll closed their online store as of 18th May 2016 without warning, announcing on that date a "rearrangement of our website" and changing all listings to "coming soon".
The website ceased working on the 31st October 2016 and displayed a hosting unpaid error/404 page.
The domain currently is owned by a reseller and is infected by a virus (as of late June 2024).

After the site closure in 2016, a variety of other URLs appeared and disappeared mirroring the main site, including user data as it was possible to log in to your existing account, although ordering was not possible.

Doll lines



  • Dolk (Japan)
  • DOD Japan physical store (Japan)