Super Dollfie 17

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Super Dollfie 17 or SD17 is a doll line produced by Volks. They are meant to represent teen boys of about 17 years.


All SD17 sculpts so far have been released as limited editions.


SD17 BOY Body

  • Height: 65 cm
  • Head: 23cm
  • Collarbone to waist: 12.5cm
  • Shoulder to wrist: 20.6cm
  • Chest: 27.8cm
  • Waist: 20.8cm
  • Upper Hip: 24.5cm
  • Lower hip: 27cm
  • Thigh: 16cm
  • Knee: 12cm
  • Calf: 11.8cm
  • Ankle: 8.4cm
  • Upper arm: 9cm
  • Elbow: 8cm
  • Wrist: 7cm
  • Waist to knee: 24cm
  • Waist to ankle: 41cm
  • Neck: 12cm
  • Feet Length: 8.2cm
  • Foot Width: 3.3cm