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Tokyo Boys is a story arc by Volks

Chapter 1



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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 is set four years after Chapter 1.



In the second chapter, a new change is coming. And that change is Ami. But even though the boys long for her, perhaps they could never surpass her memories of him. Volks delivers to you the poetry of her heart. Giving to you another fleeting page of adolescence...

Ami's story:

Do you remember... me? That clear summer day. It's been four years since we saw him off, waving to us from atop the deck of that ship. So many seasons have slipped by since then, and the summer days are drawing near again.

Why, why couldn't I take even a single step forward? Why, why couldn't I call out even a single word?

Back then, I was so shy all I could do was look down at the ground. If I was the me I am now, maybe I'd have given that me a little push from behind. "Go on. It'll be okay. Have some courage!"

I've never met him again, even once, since that day. And even though I thought to myself, "it's okay, Ami, think positive!"... When I hear that Isao and Tsukasa have gotten letters, my heart aches, just a little.

"Do you remember... me?" Surely, he couldn't forget about me... could he?

Ryoya's story:

To someday meet that person, Joe...

Even now Isao talks about Joe so cheerfully, but I barely know him. Back then I was just a kid, and all I could do was watch the four of them from afar. All I have is just the vaguest memory of those incredibly broad shoulders of his, the other three gathered around him.

I wonder if someday, the day will come when I meet him face to face. I hear he's in my hometown of Los Angeles. If Tsukasa says he just has to go, maybe I could go with him...

Ryoya Konoe. It's been six years since he joined the Konoe household. Ryoya has finally come to accept this name, and to being called the second son of the family.

Coming to accept each other's presences, and living together in the now. This is the bittersweet "now" of these boys; their chance encounters with friends and family.