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The Junior Iplehouse Doll (or JID) is Iplehouse's selection of MSD sized dolls. They are available in Basic, Limited, Noctarcana Circus, or Elemental Guardians editions and in Rose White, Normal, or Real Skin resin colors. Light brown and ebony are available the first fifteen days of each month, through the Custom Doll System. JID's are larger in height and width than most other companies' dolls in this scale, and have realistic bodies and face molds. Currently, both male and female molds are available for purchase. You can purchase a JID with or without a mobility joint. Iplehouse introduced a new version of the JID girl body with different proportions.

Basic Sculpts



Limited Edition Sculpts

Elemental Guardian

The Addiction

Carved Heritage



  • Height: 46 cm
  • Circumference of head: 18.8 cm (7-8inch)
  • Circumference of neck: 1.5 cm
  • Circumference of chest: 23.8 cm
  • Width of shoulder: 12 cm
  • Length of arm: 16 cm
  • Circumference of wrist: 5 cm
  • Circumference of arm: 8.2 cm
  • Circumference of waist: 17.5 cm
  • Circumference of pelvis: 23 cm
  • Circumference of thigh: 13 cm
  • From waist to tiptoe: 27.5 cm
  • Circumference of ankle: 6.1 cm
  • Length of foot: 6.5 cm

Original Female

  • Height : 43 cm
  • Weight : 650 g
  • Circumference of head : 18 cm
  • Circumference of neck : 7.3 cm
  • Circumference of chest : glamour 22 cm / large 21 cm / small 19.5 cm
  • Width of shoulder : 9.3 cm (arms included)
  • Length of arm : 13.2 cm
  • Circumference of wrist : 4 cm
  • Circumference of arm : 6 cm
  • Circumference of waist : 15 cm
  • Circumference of pelvis : 22 cm
  • Circumference of thigh : 12 cm
  • From waist to tiptoe : 26 cm
  • Circumference of ankle : 5.6 cm
  • Length of foot : 5.3 cm

New Female

  • Height : 42.5 cm
  • Weight : 640 g
  • Circumference of head : 18 cm
  • Circumference of neck : 8 cm
  • Circumference of chest : large 19.5cm / small 18.7cm
  • Width of shoulder : 8 cm
  • Length of arm : 13.5 cm
  • Circumference of wrist : 3 cm
  • Circumference of arm : 5.7 cm
  • Circumference of waist : 16 cm
  • Circumference of pelvis : 18.5 cm
  • Circumference of thigh : 12 cm
  • From waist to tiptoe : 27 cm
  • Circumference of ankle : 5cm
  • Length of foot : 5.5 cm


Iplehouse JID's are bigger then the average MSD doll. Iplehouse does make specific clothing and shoes for this line although some pieces may or may not fit well.


  • Tops from Nine9 Style fit but the tops have to be stretchy, leggings do fit but are not easy to get on, and shorts/skirts can be put on but may not button.
  • Best Friends Club Ink 18" Doll clothing fits well.
  • Annabell Tween doll clothing fits.
  • Tata's Paradise boy shirts fit on the large bust.
  • Dollmore clothing can be a hit or miss. SD size panties, underwear, leggings, and some dresses fit. Tight fitting MSD items will not fit so stretchy items are best.
  • Luts Kid Delf clothing fits.
  • Dresses and leggings from eBay store Pink Fantasy fit.


  • Dollmore's stretchy MSD t-shirts fit.
  • DollWhy's [Cutely PoPo] MSD section has clothing specifically for JID boy.
  • Volks MSD 'loose fitting' clothing can fit.
  • Nine9 Style tops do fit but some are tighter then others.



  • Ebay seller Deb's Adorables shoes for the Kish Chrysalis 14" doll fit.
  • Ebay shop Fatiao's MSD shoes fit.
  • Unoa and Minifee shoes fit.
  • Releaserain shoes do fit but there may need to be adjustments.
  • LUTS in Minifee size fit well.
  • DollHeart boots are a bit big but they support the ankles so dolls can still stand.
  • Soft leatherette heeled court shoes for Kitty Collier fit.
  • Nine9 Style boots fit.



Since the release of the JID's, small changes have been implemented by the company.

  • On the female body, the hips have been slimmed down, and the breasts have been rounded.
  • On the male body, Iplehouse reduced the amount of veins in the forearms. [1]
  • JID girls newer bodies have double joints, removal of the thigh/butt joint, and a newer bust option.