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Resin is the material that all on-topic for Den of Angel's dolls are made of. It is a type of high-end plastic that is somewhat similar in feel to porcelain. It has been described as being more similar in texture to human skin than regular plastic or porcelain. It is more durable and heavier than porcelain. However, it is not as durable as cheaper plastic and if dropped it may break, but it is unlikely to shatter. Resin must be hand-cast in order to control the quality and keep bubbles out of the resin.

The skin tones of dolls are created by adding pigment to the resin upon casting them. Beauty White or white skin dolls have the least amount of color and sometimes have absolutely no pigment at all. Most companies offer a white skin, a normal skin, and sometimes a tan skin. Occasionally companies offer more than one "normal" skin tone a yellow normal and a pinky normal tone. They are as one might guess, a more yellowish tone and a more pinkish tone.