White Skin

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White skin, or WS, is one of the varied shades of skintones that are commonly available for most doll lines. White skin simply refers to having a lack of pigments in the resin giving a white or off white appearance. Each company has it's own version of white skin tone, which can very from the most stark, paper white to a more mellow cream. Many favor this "color" for it's aesthetic appearance since in many cultures and societies, white skin is considered beautiful. People may also favor it for certain character types such as vampires, ghosts, or other fantasy based humanoid. Some also may like it for it's versatility to be colored or blushed into other colors.

There are some disadvantages to this shade range such as a tendency to show discolorations more prominently than other skintones, much easier to stain, and a slightly higher potential to "yellow" undesirably, in some cases it may be more green than yellow. Though most companies these days have made major improvements in their resin batches that reduces this problem. Some companies offer such skintones as part of their basic choice, while others offer it only as a limited edition.