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Iplehouse is a South Korean ball-jointed doll company established in 2003. Iple comes from the sound of the word "with a leaf" in Korean. At first they only sold doll accessories and furniture, but expanded to manufacturing their own doll lines. At first they sold only one doll type, the 60cm male (later updated to 63cm, later updated to the YID line), which had only a few sculpts. Eventually they branched out into making females, then Minis, then other sized dolls from Baby to Elder.

Iple's Design Mind (per brochure) : We try to maximize BJD's beauty by delicate head, beautiful joints, sensuous outfits, and various parts. We design and produce dolls with best technology and ideas. Even Iple's sensitive consideration makes slight difference outstanding.


  • 2005 - Release of first doll, BiYuan.
  • 2006 - Release first dark skin BJD, Cocori
  • 2008 - Their first line of themed dolls was a circus theme in 2008, which they called Noctarcana Circus.
  • 2010 - In 2010 they began the release of the Elemental Guardians.
  • 2012 Changed to corporation
  • 2013 Release third theme "The Addiction"
  • 2014 Release fourth theme "Carved Heritage"
  • 2015 Release first Pet Doll "Beagle Puppy"
  • 2016 Release HID Man/Woman & FID Man/Woman

Doll lines

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Minor themed series

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