Iplehouse Noctarcana Circus

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The Noctarcana Circus line is a limited edition line from Iplehouse that started in 2008 and ended in 2010. It features various sculpts in circus themes. Many of these sculpts eventually became available as basic dolls. All dolls come with both limited outfits, faceups and accessories. The order in which they were released are: Tatiana, Tania, Akando, Evan, Luo, Ryan, Kamau, I, Vito, Jessica, Jerome, Joshua, Luna, Chase, Yur, Tedros, Cherie, Lee, Carina, Theo, Bichun, and Eva.


Elder Iplehouse Doll

  • Akando as a pierrot
  • Bichun as a martial artist
  • Carina as a belly dancer
  • Chase in tan skin and white skin as a magician
  • Evan as a animal tamer
  • Jessica as a pierrot
  • Kamau as a sword dance master
  • Luna as an animal tamer
  • Luo as a Strongman
  • Tedros as the circus master
  • Yur, as the astrologer

Senior Iplehouse Doll

  • Cherie as a bunny girl
  • Eva as a tightrope walker
  • Lee as an acrobat
  • Theo as a snake charmer

Juvenile Iplehouse Doll

  • I as a Sword Dancer
  • Jerome as a pierrot
  • Joshua as a pierrot
  • Ryan as the strongman's partner
  • Tania as a pierrot as well as a trapeze artist
  • Tatiana as a pierrot as well as a trapeze artist
  • Vito as a Sword Dancer