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The term Limited Edition (or LE) is used when an item, doll, or related item is sold on a limited basis. The definition of "limited" may vary from company to company, so it is important to know what is meant by "limited"; for dolls, an LE may be a standard sculpt with a special faceup, clothes or skin tone; alternately, it may be a new sculpt. Sometimes LEs are re-released at later dates in different versions, meaning that the set as a whole was limited rather than the doll itself.

The opposite of a limited edition is a standard.

How do they work?

LEs are usually sold on either a time or quantity based situation. The company will say either how long the sale will last or how many of that particular doll will be sold. Often, companies will have a predetermined number of sets but may never actually release how many are to be made. Some quantity-based LEs have been known to sell out within minutes of release; however, some also end up sitting on sites for years without selling out.

List of Dolls Limited by:

Secondhand Market

Resale prices depend on how popular/rare the doll was or has become, and obviously how well the doll was taken care of. Sometimes prices can be double –or more– of the original sales price. Resale prices also fluctuate with time and trends.