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Iplehouse released Akando - Pierrot as part of the Noctarcana Circus set, which was a line of dolls with a strong circus-theme. He played the pierrot within the troupe and is an EID male.


  • Akando - Pierrot was released on Sep 23rd 2008. Initially, he was limited to 50 but Iplehouse later released another 20 due to high demand.
  • Akando - basic version was released on November 7th 2008.
  • Dreaming Akando head was offered for free as an event item in NS or WS for those who ordered an EID between Nov 7th ~ Dec 8 2008.
  • Akando - Special Edition (UV protected) was released as a Special Edition for the period between Nov 2nd ~ Nov 22nd 2009.
  • Gentle Akando - Special Edition was released as a Special Edition for the period between Nov 2nd ~ Nov 22nd 2009.
  • The Custom Doll System allows buyers to order Akando basic version, Gentle Akando or Dreaming Akando on the EID body.

Akando - Pierrot


  • EID Super Hero male body (Special real skin)
  • Basic head
  • Gentle head
  • 16mm glass eyes
  • Wig
  • Shoes: boots
  • Basic hand parts
  • Extra hand parts: Right sword holding hand & Left card holding hand
  • Daggers (3 units)
  • Outfit LE: black coat, vest, pants, sheath belt, perrot neck decoration, neckalce, hood and wrist warmer
  • Default box
  • Extra tension string, S-type hook and extra magnets
  • Assembly Manual & Certificate of Authenticity


  • Pierrot Faceup: Pierrot faceup + Pierrot hand parts blushing
  • Body type: mobility or general

Makeup for Gentle head is not offered. Only Pierrot makeup will be offered

Akando Basic Version


  • EID man body
  • Eyes: 16mm acrylic eyes (colors provided randomly)
  • Basic flat feet
  • Default box
  • Extra tension string, magnet and S-type ring
  • Certificate of Authenticity


  • Skin color: White, Normal, Peach Gold, Special Real
  • Thigh type: General type, Mobility type
  • Body type: Super Hero, Model