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Iplehouse released the Carved Heritage series in early 2014 and has been continued into 2015, with the final 2 dolls released in 2016. The story has a strong pirate theme and is centered around Bliss, the main protagonist. So far, it features 15 dolls, 7 EIDs, 5 SIDs, 3 YID, and 1 JID. All the sculpts are brand new. All dolls come with a choice of limited outfits, faceups and accessories. The company has revealed that there will be 3 more sculpts left in the series. Falcon - Amazonian EID man, Drake - Bliss's HID dad (Drake), and Rania - northern EID beauty.

Due to complaints by collectors of the previous series, the dolls have been released slower with only 1 new doll released from the site at any given time.

The sale of Scarlet was stopped after only a couple of days of release due to a slew of negative feedback regarding her sculpt. The artist reworked the sculpt and she was re-released again shortly after.

Iplehouse re-released the entire 2014 line during February 2015 and customers were allowed to order their limited faceups, accessories and clothing (if still in stock). To celebrate the opening of the Russian site in April 2015, Iple re-released the series again but minus the accoutrements. Each page was changed to reflect the sale but the information became misleading as many people thought they were buying the whole set when they were only buying the blank dolls.


Hercules Iplehouse Doll

Elder Iplehouse Doll

  • Leonard - a handsome Count who was in love with Bliss' mother
  • Pamela - a notorious courtesan who married a viscount
  • Lawrence - a driven naval officer
  • Scarlet - a smart business woman who runs a crew of pirates
  • Bane - an evil pirate captain
  • Crow - a cursed pirate captain
  • Rania - evil queen

Senior Iplehouse Doll

Young Iplehouse Doll

  • Bliss - the main protagonist
  • Vera - a seamstress
  • Isis - an Egyptian priestess

Juvenile Iplehouse Doll

  • Cordelia - a sorceress that looks forever young