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Iplehouse released Leonard as part of Carved Heritage series which began in early 2014. Leonard plays the teacher of Bliss, and also her mother's suitor. He is the first EID to be released in the series.


  • Leonard was released for ordering from April 10th until May 6th 2014.

Carved Heritage - Leonard


  • EID male body
  • Leonard head
  • 12mm acrylic eyes (offered randomly)
  • Basic hand parts
  • Basic feet parts
  • Default box
  • Extra tension string, S-type hook and extra magnets
  • Assembly Manual & Certificate of Authenticity


  • Body (model, super hero)
  • Skin color (normal, peach gold, special real, light brown)
  • Thigh (general, mobility)
  • Faceup (Makeup, Beard)
  • Tattoo (brushing, no brushing)
  • Outfit (choice of 1 or 2): blouse, pants, long vest, coat, rapier belt, bandana, holster belt, waist decoration strings, hat
  • Rapier (1 or 2, brushing, no brushing)
  • Shortsword (1 or 2, brushing, no brushing)
  • Matchlock (1 or 2, brushing, no brushing)


  • Tattoo part is only available for Model type
  • Wig shown in promo pics can only be bought separately: IHW_L032 #1B (black), IHW_L045 #9 (sepia)
  • Shoes shown in promo pics can only be bought separately: IHS_L050 (black)
  • Hand parts for holding gun and sword need to be bought separate.

Story Line

There is Something About Leonard
Bliss was very young when she saw Leonard for the first time.
Before he became Bliss' swords teacher, she used to call Leonard 'Uncle Leo', and obeyed his every word.
Bliss was 12, and Leonard was 27 when Leonard became her teacher.
That year, a group of wanted men were terrorising Bliss' village and they even attacked Bliss mom's hostel. Bliss' mom died in the struggle.
Leonard came to the rescue and saved the rest of the village.
After that, Bliss begged him to teach her sword skills.
When she was along, she practiced by herself, and when he visited she sparred with 'Uncle Leo'.
Bliss came to the capital after burying her mum, and her life became a series of surprises.
At first she was surprised at Leonard's palatial home and the number of servants he had.
More surprising is that Leonard is a Count, so Bliss is trying to get used to be called 'Lady'.
Meanwhile, Leonard was often away so she rarely saw him.
Bliss felt bored and started to chat with the maids, and she began to piece together Leonard's shocking past.
Leonard was the illegitimate child of a Count, and he was brought to his father's house after the heir died in a horse riding accident.
He rapidly won the emperor's confidence, rose through the ranks of nobility and amassed great wealth.
Among the upper echelons of society Count Leonard became known as 'Demon's Son'.
When he turned 19, Leonard's father died from disease, and 1 year later his mother also died.
He buried her in her town as she had wished, and met a special woman, Bliss's mom.
After a time, Leonard proposed to her, but she rejected him.
While Leonard was thinking about how to make up with Bliss' mom, the wanted men attacked the village.
They ended up being killed by Leonard.
After that incident, Leonard wanted to stay close to Bliss's mom, so accepted Bliss as his student.
One day, Leonard felt an unease in his heart.
He rose as fast as he could back to the town but when arrived at the hostel, he found that his love, Bliss's mother, was dead.
Now he is looking for revenge.
Afterwards, Leonard would dress up nicely when he went out every day.
Bliss became unhappy as recently there has been a lot of gossip about Leonard.
"Teacher...if you keep going out like this, I will run away to find my fate."