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Baby Iplehouse Doll, or BID, is a line of 26cm dolls from Iplehouse. Suggested eye size is 12mm-14mm, suggested wig size is 6-7".

The first BIDs were fullset limiteds in Iplehouse's Elemental Guardian line. After their initial release as a quantity sale, interest seemed to die down quickly due to their very high price, as Iplehouse was not selling them without the fullset options. After a few short days, queries from prospective customers led Iplehouse to change the sales from quantity to a period sale. They also changed them from fullset only to a optional parts choice, and allowed a resin color, as well as gender choice. Interest quickly picked up again after this change. People actually purchasing the entire fullset also received an extra event faceplate. These faceplates seemed to be a slightly different version of the purchased doll. The Elemental Guardian BIDs are now only available through the custom doll system.

BIDs have a unique joint system that some owners may need a little time to adjust to for posing the dolls. The hip, for example, has a small hook in the upper leg that locks in place with the joint to change position.


Special Editions


  • Height : 26 cm
  • Weight : 250 g
  • Circumference of head : 17 cm (6.7 inch)
  • Circumference of neck : 6.7 cm
  • Width of shoulder : 6 cm
  • Length of back : 6.3 cm
  • Length of arm : 8 cm
  • From elbow to wrist : 4 cm
  • Circumference of wrist : 3.8 cm
  • Circumference of chest : 14.1 cm
  • Circumference of waist : 13 cm
  • Circumference of hip : 14.6 cm
  • Length of foot : 4 cm
  • From pelvis to sole : 12.5 cm
  • From pelvis to ankle : 11.5 cm
  • From knee to ankle : 5.4 cm
  • Circumference of thigh : 8.4 cm
  • Circumference of ankle : 4.4 cm

Clothes and Shoes

As BIDs are roughly the same size as most Yo-SD sized dolls, they should fit in most Yo-SD sized clothing and shoes. Iplehouse does make clothes specifically for BIDs, although some pieces may not fit well. Iplehouse seems to have rectified that more recently.

Some clothes made specifically for certain Yo-sized BJDs and non-BJDs may or may not be suitable for BIDs, depending on the maker.
LittleFee girl clothes are too small around the chest, but underwear seems to fit well.
My Own Little World LittleFee sized pants fit well.
nine9style shirts are too small, but pants fit well.
TTYA pants are a little loose, but shirts fit well.
Rosen Lied clothes fit, pants may be a tight fit to close. Depends on outfit style.
Ann Estelle dress and dungarees both fit well.
Boneka 25cm size dresses fit.

Some shoes made specifically for certain Yo-sized BJDs and non-BJDs may also be suitable for BIDs.
Alexander Doll Factory
Fairyland LittleFee (although certain styles may be too big)
Leekeworld shoes are too big
Rosen Lied

More in-depth info on clothing and shoes for BIDs can be found here: