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pukiFees are Fairyland's 15 cm dolls. They were released on May 15th 2009. Very similar to LittleFees in body and joint system; pukiFees have a 3-part torso and the changeable faceplate system as well. Like the LittleFee, pukipuki, and Realpuki, they have magnetic hands and feet. PukiFees also have a set of magnets in the head for horns and ears, a pair in the back for wings, and one for a tail.

One special thing they share with the smaller puki sized dolls is the fact they can use the special Multihead. This head is smaller then the normal pukiFee head but bigger than a pukipuki head and can be used with either sized doll.


Basic and full packages


  • Fur Seal
  • Duck
  • Sarang 2014
  • New Family
  • Juri 2014
  • Halloween Day
  • SoSo
  • PuPu
  • Fairyline Anniversary (FLAP)

Special (Magic) parts/face plates

  • Hamster Face
  • Pukisha Face
  • Fur Seal Face (not listed as available on website; was an event item)
  • Hamster Set (ears+hands+feet+tail)
  • Pukisha Set (ears+hands+feet+tail)
  • Fur seal Set (hands+feet)
  • Duck Face (not listed as available on website; was an event item)
  • Butterfly Wings - these wings are the same size as Little Fee angel wings

Body types

The pukiFee bodies have jointing that resembles the LittleFee line but like the pukipuki line, all of the bodies are non-gendered.
Doa Thread on Stringing and Un-stringing Pukifees
DoA Thread Comparing PukiFee with Jamie Adonis Bodies


Height 15.5cm 6.10"
Weight 75g 0.17lbs
Head circumference 14.0cm 5.51"
Multi Head circ 10.5cm ~4"
Neck circumference 3.2cm 1.26"
Shoulder width 3.5cm 1.38"
Shoulder to wrist 5.0cm 1.97"
Elbow to wrist 2.3cm 0.91"
Length of back 3.0cm 1.18"
Chest circumference 9.0cm 3.54"
Waist circumference 8.5cm 3.35"
Hip circumference 9.5cm 3.74"
Hip to knee 2.5cm 0.98"
Knee to ankle 2.8cm 1.10"
Ankle circumference 3.0cm 1.18"
Feet 2.3cm 0.91"
Eye size 10mm --

Elastic specifications from FairylandL PukiFee 3 cords: Body 15cm with differences of ~2cm, arm 14cm with differences of ~2cm, leg 15cm with differences of ~2cm. 'If you were to purchase your own elastic cords, you will be required to adjust small differences. Please use the following numbers only as your reference point and the tension will be affected even by how you tie the knots. We try to make the end knots around 0.5cm. The smaller the doll is, smaller the end knot should be.'

Known Body Issues
Heads (including multiheads) are usually quite floppy, and it gets worse with heavy wigs. This is common among Pukifees and not a cause for concern.

Clothes and shoes

Links to patterns for sewing your own Pukifee clothes

These are links to non-Fairyland companies that make clothes and shoes that fit PukiFee. |(under construction)


Normal Heads take size 5, 5-6, 6 depending on company and wig make some 5s are too small, some 6s are too large, but all 3 sizes can in theory fit. Multi Heads take size 4 wigs
Liv Doll wigs fit Pukifees perfectly, just remove wig peg in middle of wig cap to fit to head.
These are links to non-Fairyland companies that make wigs that fit PukiFee.

Non-Fairyland Body Parts

These are links to makers of fantasy body parts that fit PukiFee.

PukiFee-scale Props

These are links to makers and sellers of props that are in proportion to PukiFee.