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Realpukis are Fairyland's 9.7 cm dolls. Very similar to pukiFees in body and joint system; Realpukis have a 3-part torso and the changeable faceplate system as well. Like the LittleFee, pukipuki, and pukiFee, they have magnetic hands and feet. Realpukis are very tiny, slender dolls with large elf ears.


Basic and Full Packages

Magic parts

  • Leather shoes
  • Leaf shoes
  • Clenching hands
  • Skates

Body Types

The Realpuki bodies have jointing that resembles the pukiFee line. Like the pukipuki and the pukiFee line, all of the bodies are non-gendered.


Measurements are given in cm only.

Height 9.7cm
Weight 20g
Head circumference 9.1cm
Neck circumference 1.8cm
Shoulder Width 2.3cm
Shoulder to Wrist 2.6cm
Elbow to Wrist 1.1cm
Length of Back 2.3cm
Chest circumference 4.9cm
Waist circumference 4.8cm
Hip circumference 5.9cm
Hip to Knee 1.9cm
Thigh Circumference 3.2cm
Knee to Ankle 1.6cm
Ankle circumference 1.8cm
Feet 1.7cm
Eye size 10mm
Glass/Acrylic Eye Size 6mm

Hybrid Compatibility

Faceplates for pukipuki can be put on Realpuki. Magic Items, head, wigs and outfits for pukipuki can be used on Realpuki but may look too big. Realpuki faceplates can be put on pukipuki, but other parts and items may not work.