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PukiPuki is Fairyland's 11.2 cm line of dolls. Instead of a typical head with a headcap system, the doll has a faceplate system where the face is held on by magnets, which allows for a quick swap between a sleeping face or an open-eyed one. PukiPuki hands and feet can easily be changed because of magnets in the wrist/ankle joints and hands/feet. PukiPuki dolls also have a unique jointed system that allows them to hold a variety of poses.

Pukipukis were first released for pre-order in October 2007 [1] with normal sales starting in December 2007, the first released sculpts were: Pipi, Piki and Sugar. Since then the line has expanded to over 20 sculpts.


Basic and Full Packages

Scuplts Listing

Full Package Listing

  • PukiPuki Ante Pink Rose
  • PukiPuki Ante Pirate Girl
  • PukiPuki Bashina Fellowship (Collection of Pukisha Hawra Hafa, Pukisha Al Hikmat Hidaya, Pukisha Basila Amir) (released on 28th March 2008)
  • PukiPuki Chichi Chichi The Clown (released 25th July 2008)
  • PukiPuki ChocoPuki Blackcat Queen
  • PukiPuki ChocoPuki Blackcat Tom
  • PukiPuki Chuchu Tailcoat (released 25th July 2008)
  • PukiPuki Cupid Cupid (released 9th June 2008)
  • PukiPuki Cupid Poseidon (released 9th June 2008)
  • PukiPuki Cupid2 Green Cookie
  • PukiPuki Cupid2 Red Cookie
  • PukiPuki Cupid3 Pirate Captain
  • PukiPuki Darjeeling Green Squirrel
  • PukiPuki Darjeeling Red Rabbit
  • PukiPuki Flora Flora
  • PukiPuki Flora Loreley (released 9th June 2008)
  • PukiPuki Kanu Winter Fawn
  • PukiPuki Lily Black Lily (released 25th July 2008)
  • PukiPuki Lily Caramel Mushroom
  • PukiPuki Lily White Lily (released 25th July 2008)
  • PukiPuki Niko Winter Lamb
  • PukiPuki Madeleine Pink Rabbit
  • PukiPuki Madeleine Winter Bear
  • PukiPuki Mary Black Maid (released 26th April 2008)
  • PukiPuki Piki Pink Baby
  • PukiPuki Piki Strider
  • PukiPuki Pipi Snowflake Fairy
  • PukiPuki Pipi Snowpuki (released 4th February 2008)
  • PukiPuki Pipi Red Bell
  • PukiPuki PongPong PongPong The Clown (released 25th July 2008)
  • PukiPuki Pukisha Al Hikmat Hidaya (released on 28th March 2008)
  • PukiPuki Pukisha Basila Amir (released on 28th March 2008)
  • PukiPuki Pukisha Blue Baby (released 4th February 2008)
  • PukiPuki Pukisha Hawra Hafa (released on 28th March 2008)
  • PukiPuki Rory Winter Bunny
  • PukiPuki Rose Pink Maid (released 26th April 2008)
  • PukiPuki Ruby Dark Rose
  • PukiPuki Ruby Dark Moon
  • PukiPuki Sugar Bubble Stripe
  • PukiPuki Sugar Gift Fairy

Event Faceplates

Optional parts (magic items)

You may choose your skin color on the optional parts such as hands and feet, but they will come unpainted. On the optional faces, you may choose to have the default faceup for a $28 fee.

  • Puki Body
  • Skull Mask
  • Polar Bear Set (ears+hands+feet)
  • Cochon (pig) Set (ears+hands+feet) (released 25th July 2008)
  • Pukisha Set (ears+hands+feet)
  • Wingtop Boots
  • Arabian Shoes
  • Hands: Clenching, Victory (released 12th April 2008), String (OK hands), Mittens (released 12th April 2008), Bow hands (released 9th June 2008), Samshir hands (released 28th April 2008)
  • Faces: Cochon (pig) (released 25th July 2008), Pukisha Transformation, Pukisha Transformation Sleeping, Puki Ani-face (released 9th June 2008), Mary Winking, Rose Winking, Sugar Winking, Piki Winking, Pipi Winking

Option Parts (customizing)

Den of Angels member Daisydayes

  • Offers(ed) Fantasy-theme optional parts

Body Types

The body in this size is unisex, though some dolls are clearly intended to be boys, some girls, some both. Owners often decide for themselves what gender their doll should be! There are two dolls with fish tails, Flora and Cupid.


(From the Fairyland PukiPuki page; cm/inches)

Height 11.2cm 4.4"
Weight 31g 0.07lbs
Head circumference 10.0cm 3.93"
Neck circumference 2.9cm 1.14"
Shoulder Width 2.5cm 0.98"
Shoulder to Wrist 3.0cm 1.18"
Elbow to Wrist 1.5cm 0.59"
Length of Back 2.5cm 0.98"
Chest circumference 5.6cm 2.2"
Waist circumference 5.4cm 2.12"
Hip circumference 6.5cm 2.55"
Hip to Knee 2.5cm 0.98"
Knee to Ankle 2.2cm 0.86"
Ankle circumference 2.7cm 1.06"
Feet 1.5cm 1.06"
Eye size 8mm --

Elastic specifications from Fairyland: Pukipuki 2 cords: Body 20cm with differences of ~2cm, arm 11cm with differences of ~2cm. 'If you were to purchase your own elastic cords, you will be required to adjust small differences. Please use the following numbers only as your reference point and the tension will be affected even by how you tie the knots. We try to make the end knots around 0.5cm. The smaller the doll is, smaller the end knot should be.' Replacement Magnets can be purchased from KJ Magnetics. Some Countries have shipping restrictions on rare earth magnets. Magnet size is 1/8th inch diameter and 1/16 inch thick.

Shopping for PukiPuki

Due to the popularity of these dolls, it is not difficult to find clothing, wigs, and shoes for PukiPuki. In addition to Fairyland's assortment of outfits available, some commercially available clothing (mainstream dolls found at Target and Toys R Us for example) fit PukiPukis.

Commercially Available

Clothing and Shoes

Barbie’s littlest sister, Kelly (Shelly in Europe)/Tommy
  • Outfits are a quite good fit
  • Sometimes pants are a little too short
  • SOME Kelly shoes fit, if they are squishy enough, otherwise, you can’t get their foot out
  • Boots and sneakers fit great - you can just take their feet off, and you can't tell
  • Some outfits come with tiny ballet-slipper style shoes that fit because the vamp is open enough that you can still get the shoe off
Only Hearts Li'l Kids
  • Similar to Kelly size, but pants are too short and short dresses are like long shirts.
  • Sleeping bags are a good fit.
Little Pullip - Bodysuit costumes only
  • Little Pullips series had a lot of them, including a panda called Panda, a black cat called Moon, Godzilla, a cow called Calfy, a reindeer called Rudolph, and a frog named Froggy.
  • NOTE that Little Pullip dresses are too tight, wigs are too big, and the eyes are not quite right.
Living Dead dolls
  • Very similar in size to Kelly dolls
Bratz Baby
  • Need some tweaking in the skirts, as they are a little large in the waist
  • Boy clothes fit better than the girl clothes.
Bratz Kidz Boys and some Bratz Kidz girl
  • Boy stuff fits well; some of the girl stuff fits but pants might be too small
Heidi Ott Dollhouse Doll Collection
  • Some of the Heidi Ott dresses intended for dollhouse-sized "child" dolls fits (but not the Ott bloomers, hats or shoes)
Strawberry Shortcake
  • When being produced by Bandai shoes fit; clothing fits but pants are too long and the hoods on hoodies are too large
  • Present clothes not being produced by Bandai
Liddle Kiddles and Dawn Dolls
  • some are supposed to be a great fit, no specifics
Miki & Maki (Japanese Kelly dolls)
  • fabric is thick, pukis can't bend their arms well

The Only Hearts Club dolls: the "little sister" dolls clothes

Elf Pocket Fairy: boots

Petite Jenny by Takara
  • clothes fit perfectly

Props and Accessories

Props and accessories that are in good scale with pukipuki's:

  • Barbie accessories
  • Breyer Horses
  • Marx Little Hostess Line
  • Schleich Toys
  • Heidi Ott
  • Laura Ashley Doll House
  • Sylvanian family furniture
  • Christmas ornaments (car, etc)

American Girl Mini Rooms

  • Discontinued line, but can still be found on ebay.

Calico Critters/Sylvanian family

  • May be a tad on the small side but still workable.

1/6 Action Figure Items

  • Good place for pukipuki sized glasses, goggles and other prop items. Perfect sizing generally depends on the item.
  • Items for 1/6 action figures can be found on ebay and hobby websites.

Dollhouses and accessories

  • 1/12 scale (or 1" scale) and 1/18 scale items fit best.

ReMent and Megahouse miniatures

  • Both are Japanese based, dollhouse miniatures. The scale for the sets are usually 1/8 or 1/6. Yet some items work perfectly for Puki's. Google searches of both will lead to a large number of dealers and ebay auctions for both.

Other BJD Doll Lines, Den of Angels Members, and Other Online Vendors



Wig Size: Size about 3.75 - so for the most part - some size 4 are way too big, some are okay. Barbie wigs that are about 3.75 seem to fit best. Monique wigs size 4, but they work better using a wig cap

  • Audrey's Doll Supply carries Monique wigs
  • DD-Anne has extra-long wigs which fit pukis (Link)
  • Den of Angels Member ForeverVirginia makes some wigs and also 8mm eyes (Link)
  • Den of Angels Member littlepinkfairy has a site with wigs for the wee ones (Link)
  • Den of Angels Member sewaddictd is making wigs for the weenies (Link)
  • Den of Angels Member tabloach also has a custom puki wig shop and clothing that will fit pukis (Link)
  • Den of Angels Member tinybear offers puki wigs (Link)
  • Den of Angels Member thereif has wigs and tails (Link)
  • Denver Doll Emporium
  • Facets by Marcia offers wigs and silicone wig caps in puki size, including Monique wigs
  • Grace (DOA username grael) at Jpop has a lot of wigs for Puki
  • LaureBelleCouture.com offers protective wig caps, they are on etsy too
  • Parabox 4 inch doll wigs, be sure not to buy two-tail wigs. They don't fit pukis.
  • Ruby Red Gallery (or here offers mohair wigs (Riley size fit pukipuki multi-heads best, they do come with a bit of velcro to keep them on)
  • Wigs for Volks 1/6 dollfies (Dollfie Plus) fit well too. Check ebay for those at stores like The Mimi Collection
  • Soom mini gem wigs
  • Monique wigs in size 4
  • Kemper Dolls


Eye Size: 8mm to 10mm. I believe a Piki (PukiPuki) is the only one who can take 10mm. A variety of vendors stock 8mm and 10mm eyes.



  • Den of Angels Member alexisbears has an etsy shop
  • Den of Angels Member eleanor anne makes tutu's plus misc items (Link)
  • Den of Angels Member Jadeness has a website Jadeness Couture and an etsy shop
  • Den of Angels Member Joni has an etsy shop
  • Den of Angels Member Katrin has an etsy shop
  • Den of Angels Member Little Pompom has an etsy shop
  • Den of Angels Member maisidoats has some knitted things especially for pukis in her etsy shop
  • Den of Angels Member pipsteds makes hand knitted clothes items for pukis on Willow's Wardrobe also on etsy shop
  • Den of Angels Member prettybird takes pukipuki commissions or PM
  • Den of Angels Member Spampy makes a range of clothing for all kinds of tinies (Link)
  • Den of Angels Member tabloach has a custom puki wig shop, clothing, and shoes that will fit pukis (Link)
  • Den of Angels Member Teacups and Teddies has an etsy shop
  • Den of Angels Member trinlayk (Link)

Clothing (DIY)

Other (DIY)

Hybrid Compatibility

Faceplates for PukiPuki can be put on Realpuki. Magic Items, head, wigs and outfits for Pukipuki can be used on Realpuki but may look too big. Realpuki faceplates can be put on pukipuki, but other parts and items may not work.

SP Lati White Belle head in NS is compatible with the NS Pukipuki body. (Reference: [2] Doll belonging to member Prettybird.)

NS Pukipuki head is compatible with the Felixdoll Small Comfort body. (Reference: [3] [4] Doll belonging to member Mimisstuff.)

NS Pukipuki head is compatible with the Lilica body. (Reference: [5] Doll belonging to member IngieBee.)