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Alchemic Labo was founded by Gentaro Araki and is known for the Unoa series (ユノア or Unoa is pronounced "yu no ah").

Previously, Unoa dolls were only available through lotteries, pre-orders, and the secondhand market. As of July 2015, Alchemic Labo’s official USA-based distributer, Unoalchemy, sells B-grade kits to international customers.

The Unoa 1.0 and 1.5 lines are considered some of the original slim mini BJDs. Unoa Second are a more unusual 1/4 scale fashion doll size, and Unoa Lights are 30cm fashion doll sized. Unoa Zero and Elder are 1/3 scale.

Doll Lines


Unoa dolls have a unique eye mechanism that allows the owner to move the eyes around without removing the faceplate. They are also unique because of the many option parts that are available for them. These include faceplates, hands, glasses and various ears and horns.

Several dolls have interchangeable faces, or "faceplates." For example, a full-set Unoa Zero comes with both the Latea and Marion faceplates. There are several different faceplates created for both Sist, Lusis, L-bi and B-el that can be purchased separately.

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