Unoa Quluts 1.5

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Alchemic Labo released the Unoa Quluts 1.5 in April 2005. It replaced the older 1.0 line.

The line first consisted of two boy dolls in the 43cm scale, B-el and L-bi that were released in April 2005. In November 2005 Alchemic Labo released two 43cm girls, Lusis and Sist, which were originally released in the 1.0 line.

Unoa Quluts 1.5 bodies (both male and female) are adult-like and can be categorized as 'slim mini'. They have double jointed elbows but single jointed legs. All the faceplates in this line are interchangeable, meaning you can put any of the boy faceplates on a girl body and vice versa. The headback can also hold any 1.0 line faceplates. Faceplates from Unoa Quluts Chibi line can also be worn, but it might need modding since the system is a bit different.


1.5 faceplates

  • Lusis default
    • Lusis Dozing
    • Lusis Winky (right wink)
    • Lusis Yawning, it should not be mixed with the 1.0 Lusis Bullied (Ijime) although they look similar
    • Lusis Decadent
  • Sist default
    • Sist Dozing
    • Sist Winky (left wink)
    • Sist Bullied
    • Sist Decadent
  • Goodnight, the faceplate has no character name
  • L-bi default
    • L-bi Dozing
  • B-el default
    • B-el Dozing

1.5 option parts

  • Milk chest part, this bigger breasted option is available for the girls but usually the full 1.5 girl kits come default with both busts
  • Male Genitalia Optional Parts, these come with the male body by default but there are two interchangeable parts
  • Hand Parts (in pairs) Holding hands, Pointing hands, Salute hands
  • Neko-Mimi (Cat Ear) Parts (Black, Red, or White)
  • Horn Parts (Comes with 2 sets of horns small & large) (Black, Red, or White)
  • Mule Sole - D.I.Y shoe parts (Flesh, White, Black, or Red)
  • Glasses, Square Frame (Black, White, or Red cast in resin with no lens)
  • Glasses, Fox Frame (Black,White, Red cast in resin with no lens)
  • A10 nerve clips, discontinued, this were inspired by the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion
  • Resin bunny ear headbands (Black, White)
  • Resin Unicorn Horn
  • Resin Elf Ears
  • Resin high heel feet with sculpted-on high-heeled shoe
  • Chibi Unoa Feet Parts are used as option feet that allow 1.0 and 1.5 to wear Mule Shoe Bases, (different from Mule Sole)
  • Mule Shoe Base (Black, Red), chunky lower heel, slimmer higher heel



  • Height: 42cm
  • Head Circumference: 16,5cm
  • Eye size: 12mm
  • Chest Circumference: 15,5cm (normal bust) / 16,9cm (big bust)
  • Waist Circumference: 12,5cm
  • Hip Circumference: 18,4cm
  • Feet Lenght: 5,2cm


  • Height: 42,8cm
  • Head Circumference: 16,5cm
  • Eye size: 12mm
  • Chest Circumference: 15,7cm
  • Waist Circumference: 13,4cm
  • Hip Circumference: 17,5cm
  • Feet Lenght: 5,3cm