Unoa Quluts 1.0

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Alchemic Labo released Unoa Quluts 1.0 in May 2003. The line has now been discontinued since Alchemic Labo released the upgraded 1.5 version in 2005. However, Alchemic Labo has rereleased the 1.0 arm parts in their webshop since 2010. These parts can be interchanged with the 1.5 body.

The line consisted of two girl dolls in the 43cm scale, Lusis and Sist. Both girls were rereleased in 1.5 line.

Main differences of 1.0 and 1.5

  • 1.0 has single jointed elbows has 1.5 has double jointed elbows
  • 1.0 has a two-part torso as 1.5 has an additional piece between the upper and lower torso (not really an extra joint though)

1.0 Faceplates

  • Lusis default
  • Lusis Bullied (commonly known as Ijime, O, orgasmic, Lusis having fun, singing), this faceplate should not be mixed with the 1.5 Lusis Yawning plate, although they looks very similar
  • Lusis Winky (right wink)
  • Sist default
  • Sist Bullied (commonly known as The bully face)
  • Sist Winky (left wink)
  • Goodnight (commonly known as the sleeping face), this faceplate is shared with the girls and is characterized as neither