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Immortality of Soul (or IOS) is a one woman doll company operating out of South Korea that primarily produces heads for SD (1/3) sized dolls but has recently produced four 70CM dolls and a cat anthro doll. In June, 2012 80cm doll line was added. [1] IOS previously offered face-up services but does not do so any longer. She also produces limited 70 CM outfits for her 70 CM releases.

IOS has announced that she will be joined in her future sculpting efforts with her twin sister starting in December 2010/January 2011.

IOS also offers clothes made by Fairy Tales for their dolls at their website. In 2014, the company collaborated with VODALESS, releasing an Attack on Titan Levi doll - they also have, and will release character dolls from Black Butler, namely Sebastian Michaelis and Ciel Phantomhive.


IOS has released sixteen heads and three bodies as well as a cat anthro in two sizes. All of these heads are presented as male but one sculpt, Anos, is shown as both male and female. Two of these heads, Zed and Isis, are MSD (1/4) sized but both of these sculpts, including the Isis body, have been discontinued. One of the sculpts, Garsh, has also been released as Garsh-CT. There are slight differences between the two due to difficulty in recreating the mold. All dolls were previously released in Volks-matching resin colors but as of August 2010 these resin colors are no longer available.

Doll Lines

Original Dolls

Character Dolls

Resin color

Immortality of Soul previously produced resin that matches Volks original resin in Normal Skin (NS) and White Skin (WS). IOS also confirms a match with LUTS Senior Delf resin. She has also recently introduced three skin tones, New Normal Skin (NNS), New White Skin (NWS), and Pink Skin (PS), that do not currently have any matches listed.


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