Immortality of Soul Anthro line

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Immortality of Soul has produced cat anthro dolls. Jack, 25.3cm doll, and Lora & Lulu, 13cm dolls. Jack was available in new white and new normal skin colors, Lora & Lulu in classic purple color. Jack's outfit, including a shirt, pants, jacket, hat, and black socks, and Lora & Lulu's outfit, including hood cape and chain belt, can be purchased at IoS. They are made by Fairy Tales.

In addition to the irregular releases of the dolls, IoS also consider group orders for 20 and more dolls per color and order.


Measurements data

Jack Lulu & Lora
Tall (head included) 25.3cm 13cm
Eye size 12mm 10mm
Circumference of neck 4.8cm 4.5cm
Circumference of chest 11.5cm 7.5cm
Width of shoulders 5.5cm 3.5cm
Circumference of waist 10cm 7cm
Circumference of hips 12.5cm 10cm
Length of ‘from hips to ankle’ 11cm
Length of ‘from knee to ankle’ 5.5cm
Foot size 3.5cm 2cm