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Charles' Creature Cabinet, owned by artist Charles Stephan, was founded in autumn 2008. The dolls are manufactured in limited runs in Indonesia and are sent to the main studio in the Netherlands for finishing.

2009-2010 delays

As at October 2010, the CCC waitlist detailing the delays experienced by those on DoA have all been sent out or resolved to the extent that they could be, have a look at the wait list to see additional information. See CCC waitlist. There is an open apology to Charles' Creature Cabinet fans and customers on the [site] written in March 2011 indicating that some customers were still being assisted at that time with faults in casting and outstanding orders, but that it would all be resolved "soon".

As it is now August 2012 and no additional news updates are available on the site, CCC is no longer operating. UPDATE 2014: Charles is in operation again. However, any new sculpts and dolls made in and after 2011 are still banned from DOA, as are any re-releases of dolls originally released prior to his banning from the forum.

Please note: This list may not be all inclusive. If you have any questions about which dolls are banned, please post in Ask The Moderators.

Doll lines

Limited edition

Limited edition dolls are available in limited number and not restocked after they sell out.

Surprise edition

Special edition

Special edition dolls are available for a limited time only.

The Woodlings

The Cabinet of Wonders

The Cabinet of Wonders is an artist toy/figurine line. As these are not fully jointed, they are considered off-topic for Den of Angels.

  • Biroudou Bouhatei, Keimei & Reimei (baby mole)
  • IF (imaginary friend)
  • Issa Moriko (various editions)
  • Umiko (baby mermaid)
  • Youchuu (baby firefly)

Other items

Charles Creature Cabinet also sells doll clothes and furniture, as well as a limited piggy plush named Snoink, made in collaboration with Tinybear.