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Angel Region, also known as Neo-AngelRegion and abbreivated to AR or NAR, is a Korean ball-jointed doll company now owned by Soom. The company was founded in 2002. When Angel Region was taken over by Soom, its name was changed to Neo-AngelRegion. NAR carries SD-size, MSD-sized and tiny dolls, as well as eyes, shoes, wigs and clothing.

Doll lines

All dolls come with eyes and a wig, and custom make-up can be ordered. It's not possible to order heads and bodies separately, although there was a clear-out sale in 2009 when left-over heads and other parts could be ordered. Until recently, spare hands were sold in the 'Parts' section but that seems to have been taken down on the site. The 'Sale' section still sells a limited quantity of doll-parts, including (non)face-upped heads.


  • 58 cm
  • 16-18 mm eyes, 8-9 inch wigs
  • $475 not including make-up

There are 5 different head molds for Neo-AngelRegion's SD-sized line that can be ordered as either male or female. Those molds are Aida, Diana, Elly, Kai and Nell. A limited girl mold, Ire, was only available in a fullset, and the male sculpt Warrick has been discontinued. Warrick was sculpted by Cereal Killer, who also worked for Custom House.

Little Fair (LF)

  • 44 cm boys, 43 cm girls
  • 14-18 mm eyes, 8 inch wigs
  • $475 not including make-up

The Little Fair line carries 8 different headmolds, available with a boy or a girl body. They are called Ami, Angelica, Bada, Cien, Cosette, Dana, Jade and Ren. Another Little Fair mold, Seio, is only available in the 'Platina Angel' section, and only as a fullset. The limited sculpts Daniel and Luna have been discontinued long ago, and were considered first version of resp. Dana and Cien. Daniel has only been available in 2004 and was limited to 12 heads worldwide. He was a closed-mouth version of Dana. Luna was a Present head offered in 2007. Angelica and Cosette were sculpted by Notdoll Lab.

Little Genie (LG)

  • Launched in 2005
  • 10 cm
  • The original Little Genie's were sculpted by Elfdoll's Rainman with a non-jointed, one-piece body.
  • Basic versions (faceup included) were $220
  • Original Little Genie molds were called "Lilica" (open eyed) and "Edward" (closed eyed), though the body is non-gendered.
  • In 10/2006, AR released white-skinned sculpt "Mini Ren" to join basics Lilica and Edward. Fullset versions of the Lilica and Edward molds (Mr. Hamster, Queen of Hearts, Gloomy Rabbit, etc) were released. Prices for the basics were set at $175 not including face-up (unverified)
  • The molds were discontinued sometime before 2009

In 12/2008, Angel Region was bought by Kiz Entertainment (which also owned Soom) and became Neo-Angel Region (NAR). Neo-Angel Region eventually became a section of the Soom website.

In April of 2009, NAR released two new face sculpts under the Little Genie line, "Ziti" (closed eyed) and "Risi" (open eyed). While Risi was available as a whiteskin fullset and a NS/WS basic, Ziti was only available as a whiteskin fullset.

  • Launched in 2009
  • 10cm
  • Original Lilica body sculpted by Rainman, with a change in the hands to include hooks; heads by "Soom Workshop"
  • Fullsets, Risi (Apple Fairy), WS only, $240; Ziti (Carrot Fairy), WS only, $230
  • Basic Risi, NS and WS, $148 w/o faceup, $188 w/faceup
  • These molds are now listed as sold out on the NAR website

In 8/2010, NAR released a similar doll that appears to be a version of Little Genie, but released under the name Timp, which is currently available through the NAR portion of the Soom site. Face molds include "Puntine", "Cappelini" and "Rotini". The body sculpt is the same as the Genie line, but the hands have been retooled to have a more natural pose.

  • Launched in 2010
  • 10cm
  • Basic Timp, NS only, choice of three facemolds: Puntine, Cappelini, Rotini
  • Standard Genie body with resculpted hands
  • $145 w/o faceup, $180 with faceup

Limiteds and present heads

NAR sells a variety of limited sets, mainly for Little Fair. The biggest limited line is Glory Angels, a gothic full-set version of all Little Fair molds (except Seio) in both boy and girl versions. 'Present' heads were also given away with purchace in July 2006, and was a close-eyed version of Cien. Dreaming versions of some molds were also sculpted, and were used for limiteds i.e. Present Ren 'Smile'.

Tanned-skin versions of both Jade, Ren (Little Fair), and Kai (Fair) were sold as limited edition releases before AR came to be owned by Soom. White-skinned versions were also limited, but now some dolls are available only in 'Milky White'.

All limiteds are sold under the 'Platina Angels' section, and are often released with Halloween or Christmas.

Other limiteds (list incomplete):

  • Fair
    • Various Halloterrible versions
    • Kai 2nd Limited version
    • Elegance & Gothic Princess (Diana)
    • The Godness of Destiny - lachesis (Ire)
    • Prode of Jocker Kai ('Pride of Joker' may have been intended)
    • Natural Tanning Kai
    • Elly - Forever Love
    • Belladonna - Peace of Sword
    • Diana - Pride
    • Rose White Kai (formed a purchasable set with Warrick)
    • Fair - Glow in the Dark (not actual glow in the dark resin)
  • Little Fair
    • Seio - True friend
    • Dana - Ice Princess
    • Eternal Rose Angelica (OOAK)
    • Present Diana (full doll)
    • Prode of Joker Ren
    • Present Ren 'Smile'
    • Soulmate Ren
    • Natural Tanning Ren
    • Halloweird Ren
    • Cien Dancer Girl
    • Petite Nurse Cosette (OOAK)
    • Natural Tanning Jade
  • Little Genie
    • Risi the Apple Fairy
    • Zitsi the Carrot Fairy
    • Queen of Hearts Lilica
    • Little Genie Koharu (limited to Japan only)

Doll services

Angel Region was known for changing names of their lines and services often, and offering different kinds of Little Fair types such as Cotton Babies, Soulmate, B-boys and Berry Berry Cute. Now they only sell Bedtime Stories (3 special fullsets of each line) and Platina Angels (limiteds).

As they are a company under Soom's Emporium now, they offer most of the same services.

Past doll services

These are some of the past doll services that AR used to offer.

  • 'No Makeup Kit (NMK): In the past, Fair and Little Fair dolls were sold with a set of clothing, pre-set makeup, eyes and a wig. To obtain a blank and nude doll, one could buy an NMK with only the nude doll, a wig and a pair of eyes. Now, both standard Fair lines are sold like this.
  • Unfinished Kit (UFK): the same as the NMK's, only the doll would come unstrung. They were sold in limited quantities and the last sale is from 2006. [1]
  • Only for You (OFY): customers could assemble their own fullset doll through the website, choosing from various sculpts, wigs, eyes, shoes, clothes and custom makeup.
  • Doll head pre-order: in 2005, it was possible to pre-order some doll heads. [2]

Current doll services

  • Custom make-up: for $50, you can ask for custom makeup on your Fair or Little Fair doll.
  • Layaway plan:' Soom offers a layaway plan on the site. For more information, go to their Layaway page.
  • Neo-Angel Kit: a service much like UFK that was offered in March 2009. [3] It has not yet been announced whether NAR will hold a Neo-Angel Kit sale in 2010 as well.

Discontinued doll releases

Before being taken over by Soom, Angel Region announced that they planned to release some new doll lines. As of today, there is no sign that any of those lines will be produced.

  • Fair Gentle & Lady: 70 cm Fair dolls [4]
  • New Little Fair bodies: made to be slimmer and the males to be more muscular. [5]
  • Descent of Angel: this line was going to be a MSD-sized doll with functional wings and an asexual body. The last set release date was 27 September 2006, and as its page has disappeared from the website it is very unlikely that Descent of Angel is ever going to be released. [6]
  • Bad Fairies: a line of 30 cm Bad Fairies. [7]

Body types and innovation

Fair and Little Fair only have two body lines each: male and female. The bodies are jointed at 10 places and they have a waist cap with a rig to let the body bend over more easily. They do not have double joints or magnetic headcaps, except Little Fair Seio who has magnets in the back of his head and a cross-shaped groove for the S-hook.

The Little Fair bodies are also used by BlueFairy, since the sculptor worked for both companies.