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Rosen Lied is a Korean ball-jointed doll company. Rosen Lied means "the song of the rose" in German and their dolls reflect this with their often antique and always unique styles.

The company started as a collaboration between Kana and RollingPumpkin in April 2007. As of 2010, the company also includes the following artists: Styli-She, derek j., Rin.Rena, Victoria, and Uyuchagongbang. A number of face-ups have been done by face-up artist Oscar (Kimsense)[1].

Their basic schedule is to release limited edition dolls (editions of 20-30) and LE outfits alternatively on a bimonthly basis. They also regularly restock and release new outfits, wigs, shoes to fit their dolls and beautiful glass eyes from size 10mm to 18mm. Occasionally, they also offer one-off dolls, which come with seam sanding. They have unique outfits and face-ups and some are released in tan resin.

Basic dolls (in NS or WS) are available year round, though some dolls will become unavailable for a time if they receive an influx of orders. Occasionally they will change the gender of the sculpt available (only for Tuesday's Child).

Doll Lines

The checkmarks on their packaging go all the way to Sunday, so they might expand to other doll sizes in the future.


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