Tuesday's Child

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Tuesday's Child dolls from Rosen Lied are in the 1/6 scale, measuring in at 26.5cm tall. They are offered in natural resin, white resin, and occasionally in a deep tan resin as one-offs.


Body Detail: Girl Boy

  • Height: 26.5 cm
  • Head circumference: 6-7 in
  • Eye Size: 12-16 mm
  • Foot Length: 4 cm
  • Chest: 12.7 cm
  • Waist: 12 cm

Detailed Measurements

Standard Sculpts

Basic Dolls come with extra hand parts, acrylic eyes (10mm~14mm), default wig, default dress, doll box, doll certificate, bear doll case, and a plastic cap to protect the doll’s face-up when shipping.

Limited Edition dolls designed by one or more of the Rosen Lied artists come with LE outfits, wig, eyes, and often limited shoes that are unavailable elsewhere. Sometimes they will release a boy version of a doll only offered as a girl in basic or vice versa.


Basic $303 USD

Basic w/ standard faceup $328

LE dolls ~$460

The One dolls ~$640

Size Comparisons

They are around the same size as Volks YoSD, Fairyland LittleFee, Soom Teenie Gem, and can share some clothing (not pants) with LatiDoll Green. Rosen Lied Tuesday children can fit Volks (shoes fit but on the big side) clothing, Boneka size 24" clothing and LittleFee clothes (no shoes).