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Teenie Gem is a line of 28cm dolls produced by Soom, offered both as standards and as part of the Soom Monthly Dolls series. All Teenie Gem sculpts are available in two different versions: standards are sold as both male and female versions, and monthly dolls are available as either male and female versions, or in two different skin tones. Each pairing has a different name for each counterpart (example: Pepper and Mint are the same sculpt).

6-7 wigs fit the best overall on the Teenie Gem heads, though it also depends on wig company. Default eye size is 14mm for every sculpt, although 12mm usually fits as well. Most Yo-SD sized clothes will fit Teenie Gems.

A few standard releases have also come as fullsets, namely RegenBogen Pepper&Mint (sold out) and the Angel's Message Sweet&Violet (sold put) While these are fullsets, they were not time limited as the Monthly Doll line.




Soom has released the following Teenie Gems as Soom Monthly Dolls:

Soom has also released the following Special Order Teenie Gems:

Compatible Items

Basically any wig in the size 6-7in. All eyes in size 12mm-14mm. Roughly any Yo-SD/Petite sized clothing or clothing made for 26-28cm dolls.


in alphabetical order:


in alphabetical order:

Old/New body and parts, known flaws

The "old" Teenie Gem body had single jointed knees and elbows and by default came with the 'shovel' hands. For some limited Monthly dolls however the hands were different or the doll could come with multiple pairs of hands.

First renewal was the double jointed elbow. First dolls that came with the new elbow joint were June 2010 Montly dolls Keny and Silt. A little later Soom announced that all their Teenie Gems will now come with the new design. In August 2010 Soom sold these arm parts separately in a special body sale event.

March 2011 Soom upgraded the default hands of Teenie Gems. In the new hands the fingers are more separated and look like the open hand that came with Afi/Ai.

During 2009 Soom sent out some Teenie Gems without the support piece inside the torso. Included in these were some MD Glatis and at least one basic doll. If the torso parts of the Teenie Gem are pulled apart, there should be one additional piece of resin, that is by default glued to the lower torso.

Special hands

These hands have only come with certain limited Teenie Gems.

  • Cute hands, a closed fist, came with Bygg/Beyla, Afi/Ai, Grit/Syen, Feny/Necy
  • Winnie Dee hands, one hand open and the other with a pointing index finger, came with Afi/Ai
  • Hug me hands, open hands, separated straight fingers, came with Appini/Shonki and Pyrol/Minette (human version only)
  • Shaman hands, one and like the open Winnie Dee hand, the other curled so it can hold a cane, came with Keny/Silt, Trachy/Lami