Soom Teenie Gem Tridy & Trona

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Soom released Tridy & Trona in March/April 2011. They were a Teenie Gem sized centaur doll, using the same centaur lower body as Soom's other Teenie Gem centaurs. This centaur was a bit different than other releases; Tridy and Trona included devil parts, and came in a normal skin color, as well as brick red used for Trachy & Lami .

Order Periods

Original order period was March 22nd to April 5th 2012 as an online order.

Fantasy and Optional Parts

Fantasy parts that came with the dolls:

  • Teenie Gem Centauroid type (Normal or Red)
  • Heart shaped tail
  • Horns
  • Wings
  • Devil hands
  • Human hands
  • Owner's guide
  • Certificate of authenticity

NOTE that Tridy and Trona didn't come with a human lower body.

Extras that could be ordered with the doll:

  • Face-up
  • Body blushing

Extras that were also sold separately:

  • Soom eyes in 14mm; red or purple with cat pupils.
  • Bi-weekly outfits (two versions)
  • Wigs (two styles, black and brown)