Soom Teenie Gem Carbon & Luxullia

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These Teenie Gem dolls were mashed with parts from several animals and were called Valar of NatureRaucar of Destruction in the Soom's Monthly Doll line of 2011. Carbon was [Soom Special skin colors|Pale blue]bronze and Luxullia cream white. The dolls were gender neutral.

Order periods

Original order period was from Sep. 7th. to Sep. 26th.2011 when the MDs were released.


Head was sculpted by Jin Young Seo. Limited MD outfit was designed by Titania.

Fantasy and Optional Parts


  • Romantic head
  • Bat wings (grey transparent resin)
  • Spiral horns (grey transparent resin)
  • Alpaca legs and hooves
  • Baby monster hands


  • Doll type: Carbon (pale blue), Luxullia (cream white)
  • additional human body
  • face-up
  • body brushing
  • Soom eyes 14mm (violet for Carbon, hot pink for Luxullia)
  • wig (silver for Carbon, black for Luxullia)
  • outfit
  • shoes