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SWITCH is a Korean company that produces their original line of sculpts. They used to be called So Nyeon Gi (少年記) back in 2008, with original headsculpts sold through Vier4D. Due to the ending of their contract in Febuary 2010, they independently sold dolls as So Nyeon Gi for a short while, but subsequently changed names and website the following May(2010.5.10).

Yian is the CEO of So Nyeon Gi / SWITCH. Currently, SWITCH produces their own line of heads and bodies [1] as well as wigs, eyes, outfits, and option parts (hands, feet, ears). Their sculpts thus far has always been limited either in terms of short preorder dates or numbers. Any requests for re-releases are taken into consideration only through their official surveys. [2] [3]

Official Dealers

Currently, SWITCH sells their products through Dolk US, Dolk Japan and FaithZ. These are the only dealers authorized by SWITCH themselves.

Sculpts Released Through Vier4D

Vier4D was dealer of SNG

Sculpts Released as So Nyeon Gi (SNG)

  • Ryun (Only Korea)
  • Yujin (Only Korea)
  • Hyul [鷸 1st, Shine, Shadow, Final.] (Only Korea)
  • Javi [慈悲, 1st, 2nd] (Only Korea)
  • Uhui [優戲, 1st, Polaris, WISH] (Only Korea)
  • Milhwa [密花]
  • Ajeong [雅庭]

Sculpts Released as SWITCH

SWITCH Monthly Heads

  • Hina
  • Bahm
  • Yiho
  • Shiho
  • Pavian
  • Ruan
  • Sanhong - November 2021

Head Plates

Up until So Nyeon Gi was revamped as SWITCH, sculpts came with 2 different headplates.

  • Gold-rimmed silver headplate bearing "少年記" in calligraphic script:

Hyul, Shadow [鷸]

  • Antique gold base bearing the embedded Italian words "A PIACER E MANONTROPPO":

Hyul,SHINE [鷸], Hyul, FINAL [鷸] Javi [慈悲], Javi, 2nd [慈悲], Uhui [優戱], Uhui,POLARIS [優戱], Uhui, WISH [優戱], Haji [荷沚], Ryun [淪], Yujin [唯眞], Ajeong [雅庭], Milhwa [密花].

  • After SWITCH switched to their new site, the head plate has been changed to a laminated silver base bearing the words 'SWITCH':

This includes sculpts from Shino onwards, including all re-releases of previous sculpts.

Note that headplates have been issued for certification purposes, together with the Certificate of Authenticity (which bears a unique hologram sticker for authenticity verification). If you are uncertain of the authenticity of the head you possess, please compare the headplate that you have with the images on SWITCH's website and contact the staff should you have further doubts.


SWITCH took over Ariadoll's body sculpts on April 2, 2012, after Ariadoll closed down on March 31, 2012. All the bodies sold on Ariadoll were passed on to SWITCH (excluding any head sculpts). The bodies were modified and improved to better fit SWITCH heads. The body sculpts were released on May, 2012, and have been sold through the Monthly Humming Dolly system ever since.

Humming Doll body measurements

57girl body 60boy body 65boy body Attractive boy body
Height (including head): 57cm 60cm 65cm 65cm
Head size: 8.7” 8.5”-9” 8.5”-9” 8.5”-9”
Eye size: 12-18mm 12-18mm 12-16mm 12-16mm
Neck size: 9.2cm 10cm 10.5cm 10.5cm
Shoulder width: 12cm 13.5cm 14.7cm 14.7cm
Chest size: B cup: 23cm
D cup: 24.5cm
25cm 26.5cm 26.5cm
Waist size: B cup: 18cm
D cup: 17cm
20cm 22.5cm 22.5cm
Hips circumference: 25cm 25.5cm 26cm 26cm
Arm length (including hand): 21.5cm 23.5cm 25cm 25.3cm
Leg length (including foot): 31cm 30.5cm 33cm 33cm
Length of heel leg 19cm - - -
Thigh circumference: 14cm 14.5cm 15.5cm 15.5cm
Foot length: 6.5cm 7.5cm 8.1cm 8.3cm
Foot width:

Resin Matching

SWITCH resin (post-SNG) generally matches Volks NS, and this makes it easy to hybrid. Popular choices for hybrids include Crobidoll R-line/M-line, DollnDoll King, Infinitidoll SID, Spiritdoll Elegance, Volks SD13/SD17. This list is not exhaustive. SNG resin seems to match Luts Delf/Ceberus Project, both in WS and NS.

Regarding girls' bodies, Volks SD16, Spiritdoll Proud 2nd, Ariadoll 16 yrs. and Luts SDF are popular choices.

Wig Size

As SWITCH sculpts have been noted to be relatively smaller, collectors may find certain styles of wigs from established companies like Leekeworld too large, even if they are sized 8-9 inches. The best-fit wigs have so far been their own line of fiber wigs (Chocolate Cut, Eclair Cut, Madeleine Cut etc.). Crobidoll 9-10 inches wigs also fit the heads well.


SWITCH has collaborated with Korean faceup artists and seamstresses, namely Uyuchagongbang for limited clothes and both Uyuchagongbang and Heavybomb for the one-off lottery at Hong Kong Dollism Plus 6.

SWITCH has also collaborated with Sadol to release limited outfit sets such as Oh!myDr., Oh!myBr., Oh!myCousin. and Insomnia (Ohhhhh! Event 2011 Ltd.) which include pieces such as uniforms, suits, pyjamas and trenchcoats.

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