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Soom's limited edition monthly dolls, Aphan - Half Goat God became the first in the MD Remaining Story line for 2010. He was the first Little Gem sized doll Soom released, starting a whole new doll line.


Head was sculpted by Jung Hye Eun. His limited edition outfits were designed by Cho Hye Jung, and the face-ups were crafted by the Soom Styling Team. The model design and sculpt of the dolls were created by the sOom workshop.

Oder periods

Original order period was from June 11th 2010 to June 30th 2010.

Aphan’s Parts


  • Little Gem Legend (45cm)
  • Little Gem Boy (43cm)


  • Little Gem Boy Body (Bronze and Cream White)
  • Faun Head
  • Horns
  • Faun Legs and Hooves
  • Remaining Story Card
  • And Owner's Guide and Certificate of Authenticity


  • Skin Type: Bronze and Cream White
  • Face-up (Limited Edition)
  • Body Blushing (Limited Edition)
  • Soom Eyes (Limited Edition 16mm)
    • Bronze: Khaki Pearl
    • Cream White: Mustard Pearl
  • Wig (Limited Edition)
    • Bronze: Black
    • Cream White: Light Brown
  • Outfit (Limited Edition)
    • Suspender Skirt (Black or White), necklace, and bracelet
  • Shoes
    • Sandels

Removing seams was also offered by Soom with Aphan at an additional cost. However, Soom did not offer the sanding on Aphan’s bronze skin and discourages others from sanding the doll's tan resin.

Aphan Hybrids

Aphan's parts will hybrid easily onto other Soom Little Gem bodies. The resin will match Soom's 'Cream White' color, though aging and neglected care may cause the resin to yellow, making the match a little off. Aphan’s bronze skin may or may not match with Soom’s future dolls in bronze. More research is required to see what other dolls he will blend with. DoA Soom Hybrid discussion thread can be found here.

Aphan’s Story Line

He is the demigod among the Hedus who was the king of Vigrid and Amber. The upper body was a figure of a person, and he had goat's legs and horns. He was doing his duty for Chalco who is the forest king, and he was living in the mountian and field to protect all the animals instead of Chalco. He had the advantage of being a people person, therefore he had many friends. He calls boys to the forbidden wood every day, they blow on a flute or they always get into mischief. Flute sound of Aphan plays aphrodisiac, so that when the people heard the sound they act like the opposite or they went to sleep.

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