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Vega is a female Mecha Angel doll.

Vega was released as a male Vega - Last Song as the second of the MD 2008 Zodiac Dolls. He represents Pisces, the second sign in the Zodiac and was released in March 2008. He is a Soom Mecha Angel male doll reinvisioned as a merman. Like earlier MDs, the Vega sculpt is available as a standard release in normal and cream white (now discontinued as a basic) skin tones, however was released with special fin option parts for the MD. In this sense, Vega - Last Song is the transition from earlier MDs to the modern releases.


He was designed by Soom Workshop, his head design by Dimu with outfit design by Lee Hye Young and faceup design by Yeon's.

Fantasy parts and options

As Vega - Last Song he was released in cream white resin.

Fantasy parts

His special resin parts included:

  • webbed hands (finny hands)
  • special arms with detatchable fin parts (finny wrists)
  • finny ears


  • limited blue blushing
  • limited faceup
  • limited Ocean Elf outfit and jewelry
  • llimited wig
  • limited eyes


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