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Soom's limited edition monthly doll, Ender - Lord of Dead became the second in the MD line for 2011. He was released on February 11th, and his ordering period lasted until February 27th. The model design and sculpt of the doll were created by the sOom workshop. His head was sculpted by Jung Hye Eun. His limited edition outfit was designed by Lee Jeong Hee, and his face-up was crafted by the Soom Styling Team.

Ender's Parts


  • Mega Gem
  • Legend Gem


  • Mega Gem Male body (Normal or Brown Tan)
  • Jackal Head (Black)
  • Six Element Card
  • Owner's Guide and Certificate of Authenticity


  • Skin Type - Normal and Brown Tan
  • Ankh: With or without blushing
  • Face-up (Limited Edition): Ender, Jackal
  • Body Blushing (Limited Edition)
  • Soom Eyes (14mm, Limited Edition): Ender, Jackal
  • Wig (Limited Edition)
  • Outfit (Limited Edition)
    • loin cloth, necklace, bracelets, ankle guards, jackal wig with ornament, triangular belt
  • Shoes
    • Sandals

Removing seams was also offered by Soom for Ender in normal skin, at an additional cost. However, seam removal was not offered on his brown tan version, and Soom discourages others of sanding the tan resin.

Ender Hybrids

Ender parts will hybrid easily onto other male Soom Mega Gem bodies. The resin will match Soom's ‘Normal’ color, though aging and neglected care may cause the resin to yellow, making the match a little off. His tan version may or may not match future Soom tan resins, seeing that Soom has a large variety of tan resins. Mega Gem head parts will not hybrid onto Super Gem bodies, or vice-versa, because of the size of the necks and neck holes. Mega Gem heads may hybrid onto Iplehouse’s EID male bodies, though resin match is debatable. More research is required to see what other dolls he will blend with.

Ender’s Story Line

Ender was born from the fruit tree of the Pella named Taule. When the fruit fell down, it rolled in the direction of a graveyard, and took over the body of a jackal who was wandering about in the cemetery. This is how Ender came to life. His task was o wrap corpses with white linen as mummies and bring them to the world of the dead. However, Shoshon the first runner was first Cane w ho took control of 'Small Positive' power, and Ender felt extremely displeased with his behavior. From this moment, he decided not to perform his duty anymore, and stopped transforming the deceased in mummies and leading them to the other world. As a result, the spirits of the dead that could not go to their own universe came back to the human world and troubled the livings. So the humans made some sacrifices in order to soothe Ender and the tormented souls. By doing so, they could send them back to the other world safely and Ender became venerated as the god the deceased.

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