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Soom's limited edition monthly doll, Amphibel - Vala of Light is first in the MD line for 2011.


Head design was by Seo Jin Young. Her limited edition outfit was designed by Lee Jeong Hee, and the face-up was crafted by the Soom Styling Team.

Order Period

Original order period was from March 14th, and her ordering period lasted until March 31st 2010.

Included and optional parts

In her fantasy version Amphibel - Vala of Light she was released in Cnormal resin. Her fantasy design was inspired by an angel.


  • Super Gem Female body (Normal skin)
  • Heel parts
  • Wing ears (white)
  • Wings of light (white)
  • Light & Darkness Card
  • Owner's Guide and Certificate of Authenticity


  • Face-up (Limited Edition): Amphibel head and wing ears
  • Body Blushing (Limited Edition)
  • Soom Eyes (14mm)
  • Wig (Limited Edition)
  • Outfit Set (Limited Edition)
    • Cloak veil, bodice, skirt, petticoat, panty stockings, wrist bands and head ornament.
    • Shoes (Limited Edition): Toe open lace up boots

Removing seams was also offered by Soom for an additional cost.

Amphibel Hybrids

Amphibel's Human parts are easily hybridable onto other soom parts, however the wing ears and wing parts are more difficult. The ear parts are specific to Amphibel's head. The wings are to be confirmed, but may slot into other winged Soom dolls that have slots in the upper torso. The resin will match Soom's 'Normal skin' color though aging and neglected care may cause the resin to yellow, making the match a little off. DoA Soom Hybrid discussion thread can be found here.

Amphibel's Story Line

Part of the Valion Council, she is the Vala of creation and light.

Before Maranona gave birth to all the things in the world and to the Irmins (human beings), he firstly created with light the angels that would help him with his task. The first Vala to be engendered was Amphibel. She had been seating at the right of Maranona throne and had got the most important creation power. But she was pushed out of the left side by the lately born Vala of war, Obsidius.

One day, Obsidius suggested making a preemptive attack on the small Angamando that apeared in the world of the Irmins. On the contrary, the ever positive Amphibel softly expressed her dissapprobation. But Maranona and the others Vala of the Valion Council agreed with Obsidius, and the Menel army of the Vala launched war against the Raucos troop. Obsidius took an active part in the war, but many Valar and humans were sacrificed as a result. When the conflict ceased, Amphibel came to the Irmins' world from time to time. So the grateful humans grew lilies in every garden as a symbol for her, wishing for her to visit.

(Copied word-for-word from Soom's Amphibel sale's page)

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