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Beryl - Neverending Dream is the third of the Soom Monthly Dolls Zodiac Dolls and the first MD in a limited face sculpt. She represents Aries, the third sign in the Zodiac and was released in April 2008. She is a Soom Super Gem female doll fashioned after a succubus. She was released in cream white resin in her first release.

Beryl was also the first Monthly Doll to be rereleased in normal skin human version.


Her head was design by Jung Hye Eun with outfit design by Lee Hye Young.

Order Period

Original order period was from Apr.11th to May 11th 2008. She was later rereleased as

  • Beryl - Love me or die, in normal skin, limited 50 dolls, June 2010

Fantasy parts and options


  • succubus parts
    • lower legs, hooves (which are 4cm longer than human legs), and horns
  • large feathered wings

Fantasy Leg Measurements: the hoof-feet: height: 6cm length: 9.8cm width: 6cm

The part that connects to her hoof-feet: height: 10cm length: 4.7cm width: 4.7cm


  • limited blushing
  • limited faceup
  • limited Succubus outfit
    • a corset, garter belt, panties, stockings
  • limited blonde wig with beads in it
  • limited blue pupilless eyes