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Soom's limited edition monthly doll, Coquina – Eternal Destiny became the fifth in the MD line for 2010 Pella - World Beyond. She was a Soom Super Gem fashioned after a water buffalo.


Her head was sculpted by Jung Hye Eun. Her limited edition outfit was designed by Cho Hey Jung, and her face-up was crafted by the Soom Styling Team.

Order Period

Original order period was from June 21st until July 7th 2010.

Fantasy parts and options


  • Super Gem Human Type (Bronze or Normal Skin)
  • Buffalo Skull (Cream White) and Horns (Cream White)
  • Heel Parts
  • Yami Legs and Hooves
  • Yami Hands
  • S-Hooks for Hooves
  • Magnets for Horns
  • Six Element Card
  • And Owner's Guide and Certificate of Authenticity


  • Skin Type: Bronze and Normal
  • Face-up (Limited Edition)
  • Body Blushing (Limited Edition)
  • Soom Eyes (16mm)
    • Bronze: Mint Glitter
    • Normal: Dark Green
  • Wig (Limited Edition)
  • Outfit (Limited Edition)
    • Sleeveless Blouse, Skirt, and Cloak
  • Shoes

Removing seams was also offered by Soom with Coquina at an additional cost. Coquina's body blushing included her hooves, horns, and her skull mask in browns and blacks.

Coquina Hybrids

Coquina parts will hybrid easily onto other female Soom Super Gem bodies. The resin will match Soom's ‘Normal' color, though aging and environmental exposure may cause the resin to yellow, making the match a little off. Though the Normal Skin may match, the Bronze resin may not match Soom’s other tan resins, as they tend to come in a variety of different shades. More research is required to see what other dolls she will blend with. DoA Soom Hybrid discussion thread can be found here.

Coquina's Story Line

To be added.

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