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Soom's limited edition monthly doll, Migma – Rauco of Sin is fifth in the MD line for 2011.
She was released again as a Special Order in 2013 as the second in line of the Alice in Wonderland series. Strangely enough, she was not considered part of the MD series.


Head design was by Seo Jin Young. Her original limited edition outfit was designed by Titania, and the face-up was crafted by the Soom Styling Team.

Order Period

Migma – Rauco of Sin was first released July 8th, and her ordering period lasted until July 23rd 2011.
Migma – Alice & Queen of Hearts – Alice in Wonderland was released on July 17th and went on until July 31st 2013 for a very short period.

Migma – Rauco

Included and optional parts

In her fantasy version Migma – Rauco of Sin she was released with option of Cream White or Light Violet. Her fantasy design was inspired by a demon.


  • Super Gem Female body (big breasted): Cream white and Light violet
  • Hollow head
  • Heel parts and Long nail hands
  • Horns (transparent resin
  • Bat legs & paws
  • Light & Darkness card
  • Owner's Guide and Certificate of Authenticity


  • Skin type: Cream white, light violet and + add human body
  • Face-up (Limited Edition) Basc head, Hollow head and Both heads
  • Body Blushing (Limited Edition) Migma, Human and both.
  • Soom Eyes (14mm)
  • Wig (Limited Edition)
  • Dress Set (Limited Edition)
    • Skirt, dress, necklace, earrings, bracelet, corset.
    • Shoes (Limited Edition): Sandals

Removing seams was also offered by Soom for an additional cost. This was not offered for Violet resin.

Migma Hybrids

Migma's parts will hybrid easily onto other Female Soom Super Gem bodies, appart from the wings as they are inserted into special slots on her upper torso piece. The resin will match Soom's 'Cream White' and 'Light violet' skin color, though aging and neglected care may cause the resin to yellow, making the match a little off. DoA Soom Hybrid discussion thread can be found here.

Migma's Story Line

She was the very first women of the creation and came from an ashtree. She had been punished by Maranona and commited suicide. She came back to life afterwards as a Rauco. She was the wife of the first man, Askr. He used to do nothing but going hunting and leaving all the domestic chores to Migma, even though she wanted to go with him. She got so frustrated and the atmosphere in the couple was unpeaceful. She eventually left Askr and started a new life by herself. She used to go hunting with others Raucar who shared the same interest. She became the lover of all of them and gave birth to many children. From the minute he learnt about this, Maranona became greatly enraged and decided to punish her. He ordered her to keep giving birth to an extraordinary number of children daily whilst fating them hundred of them to death every day. It was so difficult for her standing Maranona's incredible cruelty that she drowned herself into the sea. Phonolus was observing the scene and dredge her out of the water. He gave her new powers and she rose from the dead as a Rauco. She has been teaching the arts of entertainment and shameless pleasure while being called the 'Mother of the Raucar'

(copied word-for-word from Soom's Migma sales page)

Migma – Alice & Queen of Hearts

Included and optional parts


  • Face-up LE (Alice or Queen of Hearts type)
  • Body Blushing LE
  • Soom Eyes (14mm): U09 Xenic or LE Tomato
  • Wig LE: Blond or Cherry Red
  • Outfit LE:
    • Alice: headband, one-piece, choker, wristlets, over-knee socks, apron, panier.
    • Queen of Hearts: top, vest & heart collar, choker, necklace, wristbands, petticoat, outer skirt & ribbon, stockings, sleeves.
  • Boots (Queen of Hearts)
  • Alice (set A): high heel feet parts & maryjane shoes parts + ribbon - blushing
  • Queen of Hearts (set B): crown & long nails hands - blushing

Story Line


"But I don't want to go among mad people," Alice remarked.
"Oh, you can't help that, "said the Cat: we're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad."
"How do you know I'm mad?" said Alice.
"You must be," said the Cat, or you wouldn't have come here."

Queen of Hearts

"The Queen had only one way of setting all difficulties, great or small.
"Off with his head!" she said without even looking round."

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