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Topaz - Honeydew is the eigth of the Soom Monthly Dolls Zodiac Dolls. She represents Virgo, the eigth sign in the Zodiac. She is a Soom Super Gem female doll. Her fantasy design was inspired by the fairies.


Head design was by Jeong Hye Eun with outfit design by Lee Hye Young.

Order Period

Original order period was from From Sep.22nd to Oct.10th 2008. She was later rereleased as

  • Topaz - Morning Sta, in normal skin, limited 50 dolls, December 2010

Fantasy parts and options

In her fantasy version Topaz - Honeydew she was released in Cream White.


  • amber colored translucent resin hands, feet, and ears
  • high heel parts


  • limited blushing
  • limited faceup
  • limited Topaz eyes
  • limited Topaz red wig
  • limited outfit
    • green dress with attached wings, headdress, necklace and earrings

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