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Soom's limited Monthly Doll set: The Winnie Dee are based on fauns and have hermafrodite bodies. They are the Teenie Gems representing Earth in the MD story of 2009. This set includes Ai in cream white color and Afi in tan. Because tan resin is harder to manufacture, Afi cost more than Ai.

Order periods

Original order period was from December 23rd 2009 to January 10th 2010 when the Winnie Dee MDs were released.


Head was sculpted by Marimo. Winnie Dee outfit was designed by Hey Jung Cho.

Fantasy and Optional Parts (Winnie Dee version)

Fantasy parts that came with the dolls:

  • Dee ear R.head (had almost closed eyes and deer ears)
  • Winnie Dee legs and hooves (deer hooves and leg parts)
  • tail
  • pearl transparent horns

The basic doll had closed fist 'cute hands' but the doll also came with Winnie Dee hands which were one wide open and one pointing hand. Unlike the previous MDs with hooves, the Winnie Dees hooves replaced the entire leg as previous hooved dolls had hoof parts from the knee down. The Winnie Dee hoof part is just two parts, one for the upper leg which is thicker than a regular Teenie Gem leg and has hair texture on it, and another for the lower leg. There is no ankle joint.

Extras that could be ordered with the doll:

  • Face-up (for one head or both)
  • body painting
  • Soom limited eyes in 14mm; Pearl White for Ai and Pink Pearl for Afi
  • Limited wig; white highlights on blonde for Ai and blonde highlights on white for Afi
  • Limited outfit: pink for Ai and white for Afi
  • Limited shoes: pink for Ai and brown for Afi
  • Ai could also be ordered with seam sanding