Soom Teenie Gem Hati & Skoll

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Soom's limited Monthly Doll set: Ignis Fatuus are fashioned after little wolf warriors. They are the Teenie Gems representing Fire in the MD story. This set includes a girl doll Hati and boy doll Skoll. The dolls were released in normal skin.

Order periods

Original order period was from Apr 23th to May 15th 2009 when the Ignis Fatuus MDs were released.


Head was sculpted by Marimo. Ignis Fatuus outfit was designed by Lee Hye Young.

Fantasy and Optional Parts

Fantasy parts that came with the dolls:

  • wolfy hands
  • wolfy legs and paws
  • Bag'hnak and Buckeler (resin)

Extras that could be ordered with the doll:

  • Face-up
  • body painting
  • Soom eyes in 14mm
  • Limited wig
  • Limited outfit
  • seam sanding