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Soom released Special Order Aloa & Sov Wood Centaurs in 2011. They were Teenie Gem sized centaur dolls at first, using the same centaur lower body as MD Pyrol and Minette. Due to many people requesting a human version to be released, Soom later released them also as humans.

Aloa was in cream white skin whereas Sov was light green. Sov was the first Soom doll to be released in this special color.


Head was sculpted by Jung Eun Park. Outfit was designed by Titania.

Order Periods

Original order period was from May 2nd to May 25th 2011 as a Centaur version. They were released as human versions Jun 23rd to Jul 8th 2011.

Fantasy and Optional Parts

Centaur versions were sold with only an elf eared head. Human version had the option to buy either human eared or elf eared head, or both. With the huan version, Soom also allowed the customer to add an extra body to the order.

Fantasy parts that came with the centaurs:

  • fur tail
  • resin tail

Extras that could be ordered with the doll:

  • Face-up
  • Body blushing

Extras that were also sold separately:

  • Soom eyes in 14mm; dual toned with colored pupil
  • Limited wig
  • Limited outfit