Soom Waiting Room List

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Entry Format and Common Abbreviations

Order Date Username What you ordered LA/PIF payment approval Date / Ship Date / Arrival Date

LA = Layaway
PIF = Paid in Full

MD = Monthly Doll
SO = Special Order
FCE = Free Choice Event

Common Sizes
ID = Idealian
MA = Mecha Angel
MG = Mega Gem
SG = Super Gem
LG = Little Gem
TG = Teenie Gem
MnG = Mini Gem
PG = Petit Gem

Common Resin Colors
NS = Normal
CW = Cream White
GS = Gray
TW = Tawny
BT = Brown Tan

Color Codes

<font color="red">JAN30</font>
<font color="green">JAN30</font>
<font color="blue">JAN30</font>

You may remove: Arrival dates older than 1 YEAR; shipping dates that haven't updated as received in over 1 YEAR.

June 2019

13 Zest LG Aphan Brick Red LA Jun 13

July 2019

August 2019

September 2019

October 2019