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Io - Windwalker is the seventh of the Soom Monthly Dolls Zodiac Dolls and the fifth MD in a limited face sculpt. He represents Leo, the seventh sign in the Zodiac and was released in August 2008. He is a Soom Super Gem male doll. His fantasy design was inspired by the lion.


Head design was by Marimo with outfit design by Lee Hye Young.

Order Period

Original order period was from Aug.13th to Sep.10th 2008. He was later rereleased as

  • Io - Keepin it real, in normal skin, limited 50 dolls, August 2010
  • October 2011 in Free Choice event, where his scar head could be ordered in normal skin or [Soom Special skin colors|Bronze] with numerous different fantasy bodies

Fantasy parts and options

He was released in both cream white and normal skin resin.


  • choice of two heads, normal and scarred
  • a resin lion mask (in cream white) with fur trim


  • Skin color: Cream White and Normal
  • limited eyes
  • limited outfit
    • skirt, wrist guards, wooden belt, necklace and earrings
  • limited blushing
  • limited faceup (which purchasers could order with or without the red line across his nose)
  • limited braided wig

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